Men’s shoe industry is often ignored and receives less focus and highlights from the media makers. To be honest, men don’t have numerous options like the women do; but recently major changes took place in this industry and leading manufacturers have started working on new men’s shoe designs. Here you’ll learn some popular types of shoes for men and the top brands leading the market around. Some stylists have also come up with exclusive tips for corporate fashionable men today.

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Popular Types Of Men’s Footwear

  • Dress Shoes

Dress shoes refer to a common stereotype both for men and women. These shoes are made for formal dressing. Mostly made of leather or suede, these are commonly used footwear among corporate men in offices and business companies. Most men pick black shoes as their first preferences, whereas chocolate brown stands on the second place. In a men’s wardrobe, these pairs are must have options. Different types of dress shoes can be listed as Oxford shoes, Loafers, Wing tips and several others.

  • Sport Shoes

Sport Shoes explain it all by the name. These shoes are intricately crafted by expert manufactures for vigorous sports applications. These shoes are more engineered than simply designed and manufactured like other shoes. Sports shoes for men are made of high quality fabric and sole material. These footwear are extremely durable and serve you maximum grips. The designs are different depending on various types of sports and outdoor activities.

  • Sandals

Sandals are the commonest group of shoes for men and women simultaneously. These are casual footwear, ideal for almost any event or for day-to-day use. These don’t cover your foot completely like others do. Most of them expose the front of your foot and ensures air-flow in and around. Sandals also known as summer shoes or beach shoes complement any casual dressing like shorts and jeans. This versatile footwear option is also a must have in men’s wardrobe.

  • Sneakers

Sneakers are the most favorite shoes for young men such as teenagers and young boys. These trendy shoes cover the entire foot and the laces run through the entire length of the shoe. These shoes can provide utmost comfort with high quality fabric and laces. The colors are simply exhilarating; the looks are simple yet elegant. These can be worn in parties, casual dinners, morning walks or anytime you want.

  • Boots And Hiking Shoes

Boots and Hiking shoes for men are considered as heavy duty footwear. These can either be formal or informal. These shoes are extremely durable and used for certain stressful outdoor activities such as mountaineering, hiking and others. These shoes are known for their extreme durability and strength. Men who often walk in rough terrains should pick these options.

durable and heavy duty boots and hiking shoes

Some Exclusive Brands Of Shoes For Men

  • Nunn bush shoes
  • Timberland Boots & Shoes
  • Allen Edmonds Shoes
  • Ben Sherman Shoes
  • Cole Haan Shoes
  • Hush Puppies Shoes
  • Nike Shoes
  • Reebok Shoes
  • Adidas shoes
  • Puma Shoes

Shopping Tips From Experts

You must pick shoes considering the type of occasion, dress options and color contrasts carefully.

  • You should consider the fabrics, materials, laces and soles to ensure quality of service and durability
  • Choosing products from best brands always protect you from bad purchases
  • Make sure you’re buying original products, try to learn how to spot counterfeits and act smarter
  • Compare the prices online, visit a local store to explore more options and go for the best purchase possible

Choosing shoes for men can be often challenging at times. But if you know what you’re looking for, it’s not that difficult. Today, you have numerous resources to learn about different styles of men’s shoes. You can follow the blogs online, follow the trends, you can inspire yourself following your favorite models or Hollywood stars as well.