There is a lot of black mask that people wear for different purpose. Each design brings out a different impression to the people. They are worn for different purposes and different occasions as well but mostly for fun especially during themed parties or masquerade balls.

Examples of a Black Mask

  • One example of black mask you can buy in the market is a black head mask such as the Phantom mask. This one is worn during Halloween festivals. It stretches enough to fit most of the face sizes. It is made of plastic lays and it is elastic.

mysterious black mask

  • There is a black and white feathered mask used for costume parties, too. It may either cover the whole face or just a half of it. This is almost similar to the black leather mask. This can be worn together with black and white clothes. This is made in assorted patterns that you can choose from.

  • Another example of a black mask is the one worn mostly by pirates or those who want to look like them. It is placed just below the eyes and has images of skulls or swords. It is made with a material that protects the human skin from harsh environment. It is also worn for medical purposes, just like an eyepatch.

  • There is also a mask that can be worn during the cold seasons. This is known as the Balaclava Coolmax. This usually covers the whole face except for the eyes. They can be worn to keep you warm especially when driving a motorcycle.

pretty black half mask

  • Another example, which is very popular during masquerade balls, is the black half mask. This mask covers just half the face or just the eyes. This is worn to exude a bit of mystery since it is somehow hard to recognize someone who wears this type of black mask.

Mask is a source of illusions to both the wearer and those looking at the face of the wearer. They may be bought or made at home using various materials. They may be worn by both adults and children. A black mask is mostly worn in costume festivals and is common in many designs and patterns.

After wearing these black masks, be sure to clean your face before you retire at night. With the types of materials used in making these carnival masks, your skin might get irritated from the fabrics or dust brought about by the black mask. Clean your face using a Boscia black mask for that healthy and blemish-free skin.