As most people know it is a dog’s natural inclination to chew. While some dogs chew more than others providing your dogs with toys and treats that are safe to chew helps to keep them healthy and happy. However, finding something that is safe for your dog to chew on is easier said than done. Vets are not recommending against giving dogs bones to chew on especially those bones that have been cooked. Rawhide dog chews and those made from pigs ears seldom last long and can cause digestion difficulties. Other chews contain chemicals that may actually be harmful to your pet’s health, leaving many pet owners wondering just what they can buy to meet their pet’s chewing needs. One product that seems to meet your pet’s needs is the Himalayan dog chew.

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Himalayan Dog Chew

The Himalayan dog chew is a hard chew stick that is a form of actual food that people of Nepal eat themselves. It is made using a few simple natural ingredients such as Yak and cow’s milk, which is then turned into a kind of cheese, salt and lime juice. It contains no additives or preservatives and no harmful chemicals.

The actual Himalayan dog chew is made by a fair trade agreement by the people in the Himalayan mountains and is made in the same way they have been making these types of cheese for human consumption for generations. It is then packaged individually in the United States. This means that when you buy a Himalayan dog chew you are helping the people of Nepal to earn a decent income and live a better life.

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Himalayan Dog Chews come in a variety of sizes ranging from small (for dogs 20 pounds or less) to X Large (for dogs over 80 pounds.) In most cases, these Himalayan dog treats are long lasting and do not pose a choking hazard like many dog chews on the market today.

Features Of The Himalayan Dog Chew

Some unique features of the Himalayan dog chews are:

  • That despite being made from milk, there is little lactose in the finished product which makes them healthier for your dog.
  • When in dry conditions, these treats can last up to 4 years after they are opened.
  • They are fully digestible.
  • They don’t smell and won’t stain your carpet.

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Looking At Himalayan Dog Chew Reviews

Since the Himalayan dog chew is sold on Amazon as well as a number of stores carrying dog chew and toys, it is easy to find a Himalayan dog chew review or several to see if these chews may be right for your dog. While these chews only get average ratings when read each Himalayan dog chew review you will understand why. Most of the people who deducted stars for these treats did so because they were worried about digestion issues. However, because these chews are fully digestible, this really should not be a problem. They do appear to be long lasting for most dogs (though not for all) and are not smelly or stain like other dog chews. They are also healthy.

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If you are looking for a healthy dog chew that will help to keep your dog healthy and happy then you just may want to try a Himalayan dog chew or two.