Uni ball signo branded pens are one of the most sought after pens by artists of every kind and are looking to make an impression through their writing. There are number of pens that have been manufactured under the Uniball brand for a number of years thereby making the pens very well known in the market. Beyond being used by artists’ uni ball signo pens can also be used in an office setting or even as a promotional item with the logo of the particular company imprinted on it as a way to personalize it and also for marketing purposes.

uni ball signo premier 207 retractable gel ink pen

Features of a Uni Ball Signo Pen

Among the most popular uni ball signo pens is the uni ball signo 207 which is an upgrade from the usual white-gel pen that has been produced by the company in previous versions. Currently, the uni ball signo 207 has a variety of features that sets it apart from other types of pens in the same range. Some of the most highlighted features of this uni ball signo pen include:

sky blue uni ball signo dx

  • It has ink that is fade-resistant as well as waterproof which makes it quite effective for posters that are placed in areas where they are prone to damage or even tampering.
  • The ink of the uni ball signo 207 does not erase, smudge even when used under water or other types of solvents. These characteristics makes the uni ball signo pen ideal for writing legal documents, checks and even important records that will be needed in the future.
  • This uni ball signo is also able to write in a variety of colors because of its multi-gel ink properties that allows users to select the color that they want to use.
  • The uni ball signo 207 also writes very smoothly thereby allowing the information that is written down to be legible and easy to write as well.
  • The uni ball signo pen is also available in a variety of colors thereby giving its users an opportunity to purchase the one that they prefer to use.
  • Another feature that is quite beneficial to its users is the availability of uni ball signo 207 refills which means that as soon as the gel is finished it is easily replaced and the pen is good as new.

finest ink gel uni-ball signo broad pen

Precision Writing

The uni ball signo DX is another pen from the same company that is also a favorite and is used for both office work and a promotional item. Its main feature that makes it stand out is the fact that it has micro-tip that is ideal for people who have small handwriting as it enables them to write neatly and precisely as well.

fade resistant ink uni ball signo pen

Overall, when buying any type of pen, its writing efficiency is one of the most important features that need to be considered, if it’s to be recommended. The uni ball signo pen is known to be one of the best in terms of comfort and ease of use as compared to other pens that use gel-ink.