Perfumes always provide a fresh and appealing scent that eliminates bad smell or body odor. However, it is important to note that the inviting scent that is produced by various kinds of perfumes is as a result of the harmonious combination of the different elements of perfumes. Also known as fragrance notes of perfumes, there are three elements of perfumes that you should know. The three fragrance notes include middle notes, bass notes and top notes. The smell or the scent of the notes develop gradually such that the first impression is created by the top note followed by the middle note and finally the bass note.

The elements of perfumes can be felt in a variety of perfumes in the market like Pleasures perfume among others. For you to effectively understand the elements of perfumes here are illustrations on the three fragrance notes of perfumes.

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Top Notes

The top notes are the scents that you feel immediately when you apply a perfume. Precisely, top notes is the first impression that you will get at the moment you use any perfume. As a result of this, it can be said that top notes are the selling points of perfumes. To appeal to a variety of people, the following are usually the characteristics of the scents of top notes.

  • Most perfume companies use sharp and assertive scents in the top notes.
  • The scents that are used in top notes are generally strong but evaporate within a very short duration of time.
  • Some of the sources of top notes that are commonly used include citrus fruit scents and ginger scents.

Middle Notes

This is the second note among the three elements of perfumes. It is felt immediately after the disappearance of the top notes. Here are the characteristics of the middle notes.

  • Middle notes form the basis of the perfume and very effective in covering up the often unpleasant first impression that is created by bass notes. With time, the note becomes more pleasant.
  • The scent that is produced by middle notes is usually rounded and mellow.
  • After one applies a perfume, the scent of the middle tones can be felt for a period of up to one hour. At times, the scent may even last longer depending on the kind of perfume.

The ideal sources of middle notes are usually flower scents like rose and lavender among others.

Bass Notes

The bass notes come finally after the top notes and middle notes have been felt. However, the bass notes together with middle notes are the two elements of perfumes that form the main theme of any given perfume. They are the features that give a perfume its power of attraction. The compounds that are used as bass notes are mainly those fixatives that are used in holding and boosting the strength of the other two notes that are initially felt. Those compounds that are used appear to be a little mild because of their deep scents. Bass notes are often felt after about 30 minutes of applying a perfume or at times, when the perfume is drying down. Sources of bass notes are mainly plant resin scents like musk and vetiver among others.

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With the proper knowledge of the elements of perfumes, you will now appreciate the scent of your perfume. The next time you try on a perfume, feel the notes or elements in it and choose those perfumes with notes that would last longer.