Just as the role of the woman has changed, so has their selection in the types of skirts available. These skirts are made in all materials including denim, cotton, spandex, polyester and lace, a woman’s skirt choice depends on the occasion, her style as well as her body type. Luckily, making the selection easier, some skirts such as pleated skirts are made to fit any woman’s personality.

Basic Types of Skirts

  • The Straight Skirt

The basic skirt worn is known as the pencil skirt or the straight skirt. It’s given this name because the skirt lengthens a woman’s torso and gives the waist more definition.

different types of skirt

Although it’s fitted at the waist, starting at the hips the skirt hangs straight down with a pleat or split at the bottom. Wearing a wide belt with this type of skirt helps to give the waist more definition while a thin skinny belt focuses on a smaller area. Even though this skirt can be worn anywhere, most straight skirts are worn in casual or professional business-like settings.

  • A-Line Skirts

A-line skirts are similar to pencil skirts except the bottom of the skirt has a slight flare instead of a straight line. The skirt’s shape resembles the capital letter A. These are usually worn by women with fuller legs who want to show off their legs while hiding problem areas. The loose waist allows a woman to wear it as high as her natural waist or as low as her hips. However because of the skirt’s flare, this skirt looks best with a shirt that stops right at the hips or a fitted casual shirt and a thin belt.

  • Pleated Skirts

fashionable and stylish pleated skirts

Pleated skirts are full skirts with a fitted waist. In order to achieve this, the skirt is gathered at the waist then folded (pleated) to give a smooth flowing appearance. Available in short, medium, long and a wrap skirt, a pleated skirt has the most versatility. The fitted waist makes it easy to wear this with a casual blouse, a fitted shirt, a tank top or a cardigan. There are perfect for all women because the skirt can be altered the waist to fit any woman’s size without taking away from the appearance of the skirt.

How to Style the Different Types of Skirts

Choosing a skirt to fit a woman’s particular body type is similar to her signature. No one else can duplicate it. Miniskirts and straight skirts are for women wanting to express their sexiness in a respectful manner. Either skirt can take you from the boardroom to the social scene depending on the shirt. The tiered skirt, bubble skirt and full skirt allow a woman to express her feminine and flirty style. Although bubble skirts are usually worn by teens and young women in their 20s because of their short length, the tiered skirt and full skirt is made in a variety of lengths. They can also be worn with any type of shirt. As an added benefit, any woman wearing the shorter types of skirts can add length to their legs by matching the short skirts with a pair of pumps.