Gifts are very important as they are used to show appreciation to family and friends. Gifts are mainly given during special occasions such as birthday celebrations, Christmas celebrations, wedding anniversaries and graduation ceremonies among other celebrations. One of the best gifts to give to friends and family members are the monogrammed gifts. For children’s birthday parties giving cute monogrammed gifts is the way to go. Giving preppy monogrammed gifts has several benefits and significance such as:

  • The gifts are more personal as they have a sentimental value.
  • They can be given in any occasion unlike other gifts that are designed for specific occasion.
  • These gifts are easy to make.
  • Also, they can be customized to suit one’s preferences.

personalized monogrammed gift set

Learning More about Monogramming

Monogrammed gifts are very popular as they are easy to make and design. Monogramming is an art that involves marking items with initials of an individual’s name. The marking may include one or two initials but the standard form includes three initials, which constitute the following:

  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Last name

When monogramming gifts, the initials are arranged starting from the first name initial, then the middle name and last name initial. Normally, the middle initial is made larger than the other initials. These gifts can be in the form of anything but what makes them unique are the initials embroidered or printed on them. There are several items that can be monogrammed and used as gifts. These items include mugs, handkerchiefs, beddings, dish clothes, stationery, mats, key holders, footwear, shirts, jackets and handbags among other items.

How to Make Monogrammed Gifts

Most monogrammed patterns are either embroidered or stitched. The pattern used will depend on the preferences of the one making the gift. Cross stitching, woven wheel and woven picot are just but few stitching and embroidery patterns used. Embroidery is mainly used and it is good to know how to embroider if planning to give monogrammed gifts. Embroidered monogrammed presents are prepared in a similar manner. Below are instructions that you can use to make embroidered gifts like embroidered towels.

Before embarking on the embroidery process ensure to have the following supplies: embroidery machine, towel, cutaway stabilizer, disappearing marker, water soluble stabilizer and colored embroidery threads.

  • Locate the area to be embroidered on the towel.
  • Print the template of the design to be embroidered on the towel using a disappearing marker.
  • Attach a piece of the cutaway and water-soluble stabilizers on the back and front of the towel respectively. Use an adhesive to attach the stabilizers.
  • With all the three layers in place, loop them together using the marks made using the disappearing marker.
  • Using the embroidery machine, stitch to get the design intended.
  • Once completed, tear excess stabilizers on both the back and front of towel.

best monogrammed personalized gifts for him

Cheap monogrammed gifts are readily available from online stores and most people opt for them as they save on costs. Monogrammed gifts will still remain to be the most personal and sentimental gifts that one can give out.