Are you worried about the sudden change in behavior of your cat? Do you need an instant veterinarian advice? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you may want to use a cat symptom checker. Also known as symptom tracker, this comprehensive online diagnostic tool does not really apply to veterinary medicine. However, it is used by numerous pet cat owners to gain familiarity with common cat health problems, symptoms and terminologies to determine whether a behavioral change should be a cause for concern or not.

Commonly, a cat illness symptom checker needs detailed information about your pet’s change in manners, physical signs of disease, and other obvious evidences that are somewhat unusual in order to perform its function. These can be accurately documented by the owner through keen observation, so that they will have an idea of what their pets are currently experiencing. However, websites that created their versions of cat symptom checker utterly clarifies that it is only meant for educational purposes to determine the signs of diseases on cats, and not to diagnose them and perform methods of treatment to them afterwards.

Sick cat symptoms checker

Sick Cat Symptom Checker – Common Features

A typical sick cat symptom checker provides a list of symptoms that you can choose from.

  • Once you have chosen a specific symptom, the app or tool will ask additional questions to support the primary signs you observed.
  • Depending on the severity of the symptoms, the sick cat symptom checker will give you a list of advises or to-do-list while waiting for a professional help.
  • Some sites have all the possible symptoms covered on their cat symptom checker tool; so all you have to do is choose and click on the link of the symptom to see the article which contains the causes and possible treatment of health problems like diarrhea in cats.

go online and check you cats illness

Popular Symptom Checker Websites

Nowadays, more and more websites are offering a cat symptom checker tool for free. Some of these websites include the following:

  • – Easy to use and simple, this symptom checker tool provides a detailed list of symptoms and procedures that you can do for each case.
  • – This site covers all the possible health problems, their definitions, as well as online veterinarian support for pet cat owners.
  • – One of the most interesting interactive tools on this site is their version of cat symptom checker. Here, you’ll just have to drag the cat’s symptom area and you’ll immediately have the access to more than 1000 cat health-based articles on their website.

If you have noticed unusual activities or physical changes in your cat and you want to find out what they mean, then a cat symptom checker is the best way to go. However, it is always best to consult your veterinarian, as he is the one to give you proper diagnosis and treatment methods for your pet.