As most people know, a battery charger is an electrical device used to deposit energy into a rechargeable battery or cell by allowing the electric current to enter through it. Technically, how it charges the battery will depend on the type and size of the battery itself. Some batteries have high tolerance for overcharging while others need to be disconnected immediately once they get fully charged or feature timers to have a fixed cut-off time.

Nowadays, a battery charger may come in different charging speeds. Slow chargers need several hours to completely charge while high-speed chargers may store the energy on the battery for only a few minutes or less than an hour.

portable car battery charger

Different Battery Charger by Applications

Currently, battery chargers are classified into different types according to their corresponding application. Some of these types include the following:

  • Solar Battery Charger – As its name implies, this battery charger uses solar energy to restore the current into the battery. The good thing about solar chargers is that they are highly portable however, most models have a limited capability to provide energy.

One popular type of solar charger is the solar panel. Although they acquire energy only from the sun, they still can function in low light conditions. Most solar chargers are utilized for trickle charging while others can be used to charge batteries completely.

  • Car Battery Charger – A battery charger for vehicles can be used for two different purposes: to recharge the car’s starter battery or recharge a battery pack of an electric vehicle. Electric vehicles usually use a series charger and typically take about 15 hours to fully charge a 10 ampere-hour battery. Nowadays, there are public charging stations for these vehicles, most specifically in the United States.
  • Marine Battery Charger – Here, a battery charger, usually in the form of 24 volt battery charger, is used to restore current to marine batteries that are usually lead-acid type. During the process, the electrical current is placed back into the battery, thus restoring the chemical diversity between the battery’s plates and making the battery perform at its full power.

20 amp dual guest marine battery charger

A battery charger may still have more types, but currently, the types above are most popularly used. When purchasing, always remember to choose from dependable sellers and suppliers, for you to ensure that the life of your battery will be prolonged rather than shortened. Stay away from too-cheap versions in the market, as most of them are made with substandard materials.