Have you ever wondered how golf shoes manufactured by Nike got popular? Nike golf shoes are product lines under the Nike brand name, the largest sportswear company in the world. The company’s decision to manufacture golf shoes in 1986 was largely due to competition from other brands in the sports industry and the changing preference of consumers. However, at the initial stages the product did not do so well even with endorsements from celebrities such as Michael Jordan among others. The growth of their brand of golf shoes continued slowly until its major turnaround when they signed Tiger Woods, a budding golfer who wore their apparel and used their equipment as it was developed.

tiger woods nike golf shoes

Advantages Of Golf Shoes By Nike

The popularity of Nike golf shoes is based on the benefits that they provide to any sportsman or woman that wears them when playing golf. Some of the well known advantages of the brand of golf shoes manufactured by Nike include:

  • Comfort – This is one of the major features of the golf shoes as they are constructed in a way that ensures that the cushioning is spread evenly. The cushioning in the shoes does not affect the ground feel and the overall weight of the shoe which is generally lightweight.
  • Stability – Golf shoes from Nike have soles that ensure that the player is stable on their feet as they play, which enables them to play a more powerful game. They also fit well adding further support to their stability.
  • Variety – Golf players have the opportunity to select from a wide range of shoes manufactured by Nike. The shoes are different from each other in terms of features that they offer the players to choose a pair that suits their needs.

nike womens delight 2 golf shoes

Popular Types Of Nike Golf Shoes

Majority of the golf shoes by Nike are used in major golf tournaments around the world, whether by men or women. The Nike golf shoes for women focus on comfort when playing the game and still bringing out their femininity through a variety of colors and designs.

nike mens zoom advance golf shoes

The shoes are known to play a big role in the success of the players when they are out on the golf course and some of the popular ones include:

  • Nike Free Golf Shoes are quite popular and are even worn by Tiger Woods when playing golf across the world. The shoes have a variety of features that stand out with the best ones being the dynamic fit system that ensures the shoe fits well on the foot. Furthermore, the shoe is waterproof with the use of synthetic stretch leather that protects it from wet weather and keeps it durable as well.
  • Nike Lunar Control Golf Shoes ensure that the performance of the golf player is experienced within the shoe and also in their play. The shoes provide ultimate support; comfort and ground feel which is important when playing golf.

nike lunar empress golf shoe for women

Overall, Nike golf shoes will always set the standard for other brand names that offer similar shoes because of the unique features that they incorporate into their designs for the benefit of their customers all over the globe.