Skirts define the very essence of a woman. They are fun, flirty, can be worn for any occasion and can match any outfit. Skirts have evolved for so many years. They are now fashion statements and are available in different types. For you to be well-versed with skirts, this article will be discussing the different types of skirt.

Types of skirt

The following are the common and popular skirt types that you commonly see women wear.

  • Pencil skirt – Also known as straight skirt for its straight cut, pencil skirt is slim fitted and can be worn below or above the knees. This skirt style can be worn to the office, dinner and fancy events.

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  • A line skirt – This skirt is basically shaped like the letter A. It is fitted at the waist and opens up towards the bottom. This type of skirt can be worn short or long and is appropriate for the workplace and casual dates. It is a classic skirt style.
  • Pleated skirt – As the name suggests, this skirt is defined by its pleats, which basically are folds forming the skirt to add fullness to it. It is comfortable to wear and appropriate for movies and lunch dates.
  • Maxi skirts – Patterned from the maxi dress, these skirts are long and free flowing. They are comfortable and perfect for the summer because the material is lightweight. This type of skirt can be highwaisted and paired with a belt to complement a woman’s body.
  • Mermaid skirts/Fishtails – Inspired by mythical mermaids, these skirts are tightly fitted around the hips and open out like a fishtail towards the bottom. They are fashionable and appropriate for red carpet events. The mermaid skirt compliments the hourglass shape of a woman.

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  • Skort skirt – These are skirts that have shorts underneath. They are ideal for sports, especially tennis and volleyball. They are usually short in length and they are also appropriate for the beach.
  • Sarongs –These are flirty skirts used for covering the bikini. Therefore, it is to be worn to beaches and for swimming. It is light and comfortable.
  • Leather skirts – As the name implies, this skirt is made from leather and is very popular and loved because of its visual appeal. It’s usually short and worn as a mini skirt.
  • Full skirt – It is known for its fullness at the waistband and having fine fabric.

Skirts are diverse in style and the different types of skirt appeal to women for various reasons. Skirts have been designed to flatter and capture the beauty of a woman.