Clothes dryers are just as important as clothes washing machines. The importance has grown in the past few years because of the unstable way the weather has been behaving. Because of the increase in the demand of the dryers, the technology has been upgraded and thankfully, the cost has come down. They are faster and more efficient today and definitely worth purchasing. However, if you are looking for a dryer to buy, you should first know of the different types of dryers. There are three basic types of dryers while the models are numerous. You can find different looks and styles such as a plain white body, an aluminum body or an anthracite body. You can easily choose a style that suits your decor so that the dryer you purchase goes with the rest of your appliances.

energy saving clothes dryer condenser

Basic Types of Dryers

Here are the basic types of dryers and some information about them to make your choice easier.

  • The condenser clothes dryer: In this type of dryer, the clothes are dried with steam. Hot steam passes through wet clothes. The water molecules are condensed and then collected into another source. The water that is collected is then drained with the help of a pipe or simply emptied.
  • The vented clothes dryer: These types of dryers use warm air to dry the clothes. There is a small hole through which the air is sent into the clothes. This dryer is best if you live in an independent house. These dryers are not for small spaces such as those offered by apartments. Hence if you are living in a building, you can avoid these dryers.
    • The gas clothes dryer: These are cheap dryers and are faster when compared to the aforementioned types of dryers. They use gas just as the name suggests and are very efficient. They are suited for apartments.

Model Types

There are numerous model types of dryers. Here are a few of them.

  • Entry-level dryers: These dryers spin only in a single direction. They are basic models and usually lead to creasing and tangling of clothes. Ironing clothes thus becomes tedious.
  • Reverse action dryers: These dryers spin in both directions at the same time and thus don’t tangle or crease your clothes.
    • More types include those that have sensors in them. If you are looking for energy efficiency, you should choose these types of dryers.
    • Other expensive models have crease guard options and options to choose different types of clothes to dry in different ways such as woollen clothes.

 white knight compact vented tumble dryer with reverse action

 It’d be ideal to go for separate dryers because they are more efficient than those that come together with the washers. When purchasing one of these types of dryers, make sure to check the quality and its compatibility with your home.