If you are a dancer, then you have probably been told to get a dance belt, correct? The reason for this is because as a male dancer you will do certain moves that can be uncomfortable and rather painful without the proper under garments. This is why the dance belt was created. A lot of people don’t know that a dance belt even exists, however as a male dancer, this is one of the most important pieces you will wear.

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History Of The Dance Belt

The general dance belt has been around since the mid 1950’s. However, the design that you see today has only been around since 1976. The dance belt starts out as a flat piece of fabric but because of all the injuries to male genitals it was redesigned to better suit them. It was also in 1976 that the thick back piece was done away with and it became the smaller thong version of the dance belt.

Now, when it comes to putting on a dance belt you need to take your time and make sure everything is positioned properly. If you don’t take your time, then you could risk injury or possibly lack of comfort for the time being. It is highly recommended that you also take your time and wear in the belly dance belt in order to get acclimated to it. Since these are new to most people, it will take some time getting used to but once you get past that, then they will feel very natural.

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Types Of Dance Belts

  • Female Belly Dance Belts

As a female belly dancer, it is highly recommended that you find a belly dance bra and belt that fits you perfectly. Most belly dancers provide their own costumes in order to give themselves their own style. It is also suggested that if you are a belly dancer that you have a belly dance coin belt since that is one of the most popular style of dance belt out there.

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  • Male Dance Belts

Male dance belts are one of the most popular ones out there because they are not only for looks; they are used for safety as well. Just keep this in mind if you are a male dancer because you might want to invest in one of these.

There are many uses for a dance belt and you may find some that other people have not thought of in the past. Just make sure that you are using a dance belt if you feel the need for one. Not only will it hold everything in place and make you feel more comfortable, it will also give you the freedom to move around and dance the way that you want to dance.

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Where To Buy A Dance Belt

There are many place to buy a dance belt, however, you should look to dance stores or online retailers for this. The reason you should buy them online is because there will be more to choose from and the amount of dance stores out there are not very big.