You feel great about your hair every time you get off from a salon, but you just can never seem to get that salon-perfect look when you’re at home. Part of the problem may be that you’re using the wrong hairbrush. Salons and professional stylists have an assortment of styling tools that the average person doesn’t have in his beauty arsenal at home. By investing just a bit of money in your brushes, though, you may be able to get that style you desire. Learn the types of brushes and their uses so that you know what to shop for.

Quality of Brush To Use

Don’t opt for low quality brushes for the sake of saving a few bucks. In the end, you’ll get what you paid for. High quality brushes will last longer. Plus, many low quality brushes have bristles made from cheap materials that may scratch your scalp. Inexpensive brushes also often have seams that can tug, rip, and break your hair.

different types of hair brushes and their uses

Types of Brushes and Their Uses

Get a feel for the different types of brushes and their uses so that you know what you’re looking for when you head into a beauty supply shop. Plus, being prepared means that you won’t get pressured by the salesperson.

  • Round Brush:

Round hair brushes can be used to either add curl or to smoothen hair. The larger the barrel, the more the brush will smooth and straighten. If you want to curl the ends of your hair or your bangs, opt for a smaller round brush. If you want to straighten your hair, only use a large round brush if you have long hair. It will be too difficult to straighten short hair with a big round brush.

  • Paddle Brush:

Paddle brushes are perfect for straightening any length hair. The paddle will also take out curl and lengthen your hair as it straightens and smoothens. Paddle brushes will also help to decrease volume and get hair to lay a bit flatter than normal.

best sturdy paddle brush

  • Cushion Brush:

Cushion brushes work on any length hair as a basic, daily hairbrush. This type of hair brush shouldn’t be used to style hair but only to brush out knots and to regularly brush hair. It’s also helpful in massaging the scalp.

  • Military Brush:

Military brushes are typically used by men. There’s no handle and the brush just sits in the palm of the hand. This brush is best for creating a slicked back hairstyle.