There are several types of audio ear pieces, also called radio earpieces, on the market today. From brand new BlueTooth devices to expensive Bose MIE2I earpieces, the types of audio ear pieces available to consumers are virtually never ending. Headphones were among the first ear pieces sold, and they became popular in the 80s for listening to music. Since then, this technology has advanced greatly. There are every two-way audio devices that allow you to both listen and talk at the same time.

Kinds of Ear Piece Sets

  • Headphones

different types of audio ear pieces

The most basic types of audio ear pieces are simple headphones. This technology has been around forever, but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t improved over the years. Headphones allow the user to have sound in both ears instead of just one, like many other earpieces. Plus, headphones will reduce the noise around you so that you can better hear what you’re trying to listen to.

Headphones can connect to your computer, MP3 player, cell phone and other electronic devices. They’re often used for music industry professionals who need to listen to tracks on quality earpieces and without background noise getting in the way. This is the same reason why many consumers purchase expensive headphones as well. Plus, they stay on the head and connected to the ears easier than other earpiece devices.

  • Ear Buds

best durable bose mie2i

Ear buds were first used by security professionals to receive information without it being obvious that they were listening to something. Today, ear buds are among the most popular and cheapest types of audio ear pieces you can find. They’re sold in virtually every airport, convenience store and gas station so that people can quickly purchase a pair if they forgot their better quality headphones at home.

Since ear buds are typically inexpensive, they’re great to stash in your car or bag so that you always have a listening device with you. Since ear buds don’t cancel out the noise around you, they’re safer to use when working with machinery or when exercising than headphones. You can still stay tuned in to what’s going on while listening to music.

  • Two-Way Earpieces

One of the best advances in technology is the two-way earpiece. BlueTooth devices are the most common type of two-way audio devices. You can listen and talk to someone without having to use your hands. This means that this device is perfect for people who need to talk on the phone while working with their hands, exercising or driving.