If you live in places with hot or humid climates, air conditioning units are essential appliances you should have. It gives contentment since it allows you to adjust the temperature at a desired level and gives you the relaxing feeling that you always wanted during the hot days. These systems can be used for commercial or residential spaces and are widely used among millions of people who like cool air in the summer heat or those who live in the tropics.

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Different Types of Air Conditioning Units

There are so many types of air conditioning units that have the same basic purpose but are called differently. Some of the popular air conditioning units sold online or locally are the following:

  • Window-Mounted Air Conditioner – This is typically installed on windows and walls of buildings or homes. This is the oldest type of air conditioning units. This is common in homes because it has a good cooling system for small areas.  Window types have a back end protruding outside the wall where the compressor and cooling fan are located.

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  • Split-Type Air Conditioner – These wall air conditioning units have two mechanisms: one part, the air handling unit, is located within the room like in walls and floors and the other part, the condensing unit, is located outside the building or home.  The very good thing with this is that it is capable to cool an entire building with a number of rooms. Among all types of air conditioning, it is commonly used commercially for its proficiency and efficiency.  It is also known as ducted air conditioning units.
  • Ductless Air Conditioner – This is used in places with no available ducts.  Similar with split type air conditioning, this type also has two components. It is widely used in places that are very spacious.
  • Portable Air Conditioner – It is otherwise known as mobile air conditioning which is the most compact and ideal for mobility and traveling. No mounting is necessary for this type and it can be transported easily. Most portable air conditioners cool a room size of up to 300-400 square feet.
  • Central Air ConditionerCentral air conditioning units are usually used in movie theaters, commercial buildings, shopping malls and any other spacious areas that require heavy cooling.
  • Package Air Conditioner – It is designed to cool very large areas.  It is called as “package” since all the parts are packed or compacted as one.  It is mounted on the wall and works effectively with no sounds. It is considered as the best type of air conditioning units.
  • Roof Top Air Conditioner – It is mounted on the roof and capable of cooling areas with high levels of temperature.

Popular Brands of Air Conditioning Units

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The names listed below are common air conditioning units for home and office use. The differences of air conditioning units prices among units with the same dimensions are most often due to extra features.

For the Home

  • Frigidaire Appliances
  • Amana Air Conditioning Units
  • Kelvinator Commercial
  • LG Electronics
  • Carrier
  • Coleman Air Conditioning

For the Office

  • Westinghouse
  • Goodman Manufacturing
  • Hitachi
  • MovinCool
  • Fujitsu
  • Toshiba

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Nevertheless, the best brands vary among various consumers by geographical region. This would mean that the best brands in the United States might not be the same in India or in Brazil.

Air conditioning units are used all over the world but of different types. The best air conditioner for your office or home hugely depends on the size and construction of the area, budget, and required features for an excellent cooling system.