Air conditioner is a kind of equipment that is used to remove heat from a house or room. It basically balances the air condition of a given place. This is a necessary electrical appliance especially in countries with warm and humid weather. There are a lot of types of air conditioners available in the market nowadays. Make sure that what you purchase is the one suitable to your room or the space you intend to install the air conditioner.

Main Types of Air Conditioners

  • Central Air Conditioners

  • Portable Air Conditioners

  • Window Air Conditioners

different types of air conditioners

One good example of air conditioner is DeLonghi portable air conditioner. Delonghi was a family business that started as a small business in Italy. They have advanced with time and they now offer the best brand when it comes to supplies of air conditioners. Let’s analyze what makes these different types of air conditioners unique.

DeLonghi PAC-W130E Pinguino

This type of air conditioners is very reliable and it has a three-in-one portable air conditioner. The properties of this AC include:

  • It acts as an air conditioner, has a dehumidifier and air purifier.

  • It has a capability of storing 14 liters of water.

  • It can give you a service of 12 hours without any interruptions.

DeLonghi PAC-C110 Pinguino

This type of air conditioner has a dehumidifier, an air purifier, and it runs on 11,000BTUc. There is a T110 model that gives you special modes.

  • They have a sleep mode which empowers you to be able to set a timer that will lets your air conditioner cool off when not in use.

  • It has a smart mode that gives you variety of choices on how you want to cool the air conditioner.

  • Its air filter uses Filtrete 3m filters that have the ability of removing large particles of dust from polluted air.

DeLonghi PAC-C129 Pinguino


best reliable delonghi portable air conditioner

These types of air conditioners have been made in such a way that they are portable, and also have capabilities of disposing accumulated water during refrigeration process. Water disposed is warm and it is released by a hose that gets rid of it and allows warm air to be taken out. The properties of this AC include:

  • It acts as a dehumidifier and also as a fan.

  • It runs at 12,000 BTUs.

  • It has a silent operator and it also has an exhaust hose that is usually used when water is being disposed.

You can choose one that suits your needs from the above list. When you use DeLonghi type of air conditioners according to given instructions, then you can be assured they will give you a long service without spoiling.