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Aluminum sheet metal is a common type of material used for many purposes such as reflectors, foil wrap, jewelry, equipment, soda cans, and many other options. It comes in several grades and well as specifications and sizes. For instance, it can be as thin as the type used in making aluminum foil or as thick as is needed for construction in making cars or airplane parts. Depending on those factors, aluminum sheet metal for sale can be in a price range of between $500 and $4,500 a ton or may be sold by the piece as low as between $5 and $150 for aluminum sheet metal prices. Aluminum alloys made up of mixes of metals such as copy, zinc, magnesium, or silicon along with the aluminum, which may be used in the making of aluminum sheet metal to add integrity and strength to the final product.

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Aluminum sheet metal has many good properties that make it a popular building material due to the fact that it is flexible, has a high resistance factor, and its malleability. It is graded based on thick it is, how strong it is and how it can be shaped. The types of grades for aluminum sheet metal include: 1100-H14, 3003-H14, 5052-H32 and 6061-T6. The first one is made to be resistant to water and chemicals, the second is made to be resistant to corrosion and is very strong, and the last types are the most strong and durable, but can lose some of that if it is welded. Some of the methods of making aluminum sheet metal are cutting, deep drawing, spinning and perforating. Cutting is done with tin snips or other types of cutting tools, perforating is in order to change the sheet into a surface cutting tool, spinning means it has to be flattened by running it through a rotating mandrel to be formed to make axis-symmetric parts and the deep draw process is used to create depth in aluminum sheet metal processes.

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The aluminum sheet metal may be formed using tools such as lasers or plasma torches that can be heated to a high enough temperature to create the proper design. Sometimes it is formed through what is called cold rolling. It means the products made from it are made at room temperature levels. While heat can make it easier to form aluminum sheet metal, aluminum sheet metal suppliers are aware that it can also cause oxidation (rusting) or other things that are not good. Amy Rodriguez An electronics technician turned writer, Amy Rodriguez covers topics ranging from technology to troubleshooting advice for various online publications. With an associate degree in electronics, she is now pursuing her bachelor’s degree in English. View my portfolio