If you’re an avid dart throwing fan, then you’ve heard of tungsten darts. Tungsten is steel that is mixed with nickel and on the packages of your darts you will know what percentage is used. It may read 80-20; this is to be interpreted as 80% tungsten and 20% nickel.

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Advantages of Tungsten Darts

There are numerous advantages to purchasing these darts. If you have been searching for tungsten darts for sale and need more information, simply learn from the following points:

  • Durability – This mix of dense metals makes the dart a durable dart. It won’t hook or curl on the tip as easily as lesser materials.
  • Weight – You have heavy weight options on these darts. But there are weight options with other darts as well.
  • Wear pattern – The tungsten darts on the market today stay sharp. The advantage to this is they will pierce the dart board in a clean fashion which allows for easy removal without fraying bristle fibers.

Notable Characteristics

These are a dense metal. They will last a long time and the grouping of your darts can be tighter with tungsten darts. The reason this is a fact is because tungsten darts can be smaller in size for the same weight of other, say, brass darts. This allows more to fit on the board in a smaller area.

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How Do They Compare?

It is clear that tungsten darts beat out the competition on multiple levels. Here are some of the main winning characteristics of these darts.

  • Price – The best tungsten darts are typically more expensive. The metal is denser and the tooling required to produce these darts is expensive to operate and use. Cheap tungsten darts are available on the market but “cheap” is relative; full retail can still run $140 or more for a good set.
  • Point quality – These darts are top notch for point quality. Why? The hardness of the metal keeps the point from dulling easily with bounce outs from hitting staples or seams. On an electronic dart board you certainly want a tip that won’t hook or cause irreparable damage to electronics when removing it due to dulled points.
  • Size – For tight groupings on the board and more bullseye access for multiple darts, tungsten darts are superior. Other materials cause dart barrels to become larger at comparable weights to tungsten. The dense metal of composition of tungsten makes this dart a smaller one for precision needs.

Increase your precision and control with tungsten darts. This type of darts is the preferred choice of professionals as it offers the quality to bring home the prize.