Tron online game is an amazing video game that can be played online. The graphics of this game are simply superb and are bound to keep you hooked to the game for a very long time. This game can be played both on mobile devices and over the computer. All you have to do is use the arrow keys on your device in order to maneuver the opponent’s vehicle so that it crashes into the wall. This game may be played by a single player or by a double player. The Tron online game 3D is complete with great animations that make the game even more interesting.

The Tron online game has been adopted from the movie Tron and the characters in the game are similar to those in the movie. In order to play the game, there are a very few simple steps for you to follow.

tron online video game

Getting The Tron Online Game

  •  Get online and download the version you want to play. There are numerous versions and the Tron light cycle game online is among the most popular.
  • You will see a start button. Click on it.
  • The game will start. Use the controlling keys to control where the vehicles move.
  • Crash opponent vehicles into the wall and keep your vehicle safe.

The Tron online game may also be played with a whopping 16 players. The technology used is advanced and latest and thus every version that is released is better than the previous, having graphics and animation on par with the latest technology.  This game has it in it to keep the young as well the old engaged for very long. Here are the features of the Tron light cycle game online that is currently a hot game.

most popular tron light cycle game online

The Tron Light Cycle Game Online

  • When the game starts, you will see a yellow colored light-cycle that is under your control.
  • You will also see silver, blue and red colored light-cycles that belong to the opponents.
  • You may have seen in the movie that the cycles leave a light beam trail as they move. But here, there is no escape. You have to play until the cycles controlled by the program crash or your cycle crashes.
  • There are many options that you could choose from such as the ‘booster’. If you use this option, your cycle will go faster than all the others. However, it does not last for long and for it to reach the maximum speed, it takes time. You can’t keep using it all the time. After a while, it will not work and your cycle will not accelerate beyond the default speed.
  • Surfing through the options will give you ideas about what each is.

Since the game is such a rage and if you are a big fan, you could buy Tron wallpaper and show the world your craze for it.