If you are dreaming to have your own tree garden, you will have to arrange for certain supplies. In this regard, tree planting accessories will help you in carrying out your plan. Tree planting accessories and other supplies needed for planting activities are usually the same irrespective of the type of plant you are going to place in your garden.

strong and durable tree planting spade

List of Tree Planting Accessories

After deciding about the plant you are going to place in your garden, you will have to be ready with the various tree planting accessories before you start planting. These accessories include:

  • Shovel: This tool is used to dig holes where the plants will be placed.
  • Hoe: A small hoe is used to till out the weeds and other unwanted grass etc. near the area where the plant will be placed. This step will allow the new plant to grow quickly.
  • Garden gloves: Gloves for gardening are also needed to protect your hands from being dirty since you are digging soil.
  • Shears: Shears are needed to cut off unwanted or dead branches from the grown up tree as well as pruning the plant to shape it in a beautiful way.

What to Do

To start any tree planting activity; you should first go to a plant nursery to buy a sapling for your tree garden. Most of the plants in nurseries are provided with plant labels that help you know about all the information of that plant, most especially the name. Aside from the name, the information provided in plant labels are the following but not limited to:

  • The nature of the plant
  • Its growth limit
  • How much shady the plant will be
  • Care and nourishment needed

The plant to be placed in your garden should be brought not much in advance as it may expose its roots, causing damage to its growth in the future. Below are the steps needed to finish your garden.

  • Get ready with your shovel to plant the tree you have brought from the nursery. Now you have to dig a hole in the ground according to the size of the plant to be placed. Water the land if it has not been dug to make it soft and wet and for the plant to be placed easily.
  • Fill the hole with soil mixed with organic or chemical fertilizers to make the area rich in nutrients, which are essential for the growth of the plant.
  • Now, you should implant your plant in the direction you feel better for its growth.
  • Fill the remaining spaces in the hole with the mixed soil mentioned above.
  • Pat the soil to level and even it out.
  • Pour water to set it in.
  • Once the plant gets set in your garden soil, it will grow up quickly to become tree within one or two years.

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Tree planting accessories are needed frequently to take care of the plant until it grows up into a full tree. Go for best type of accessories to get the best out of your effort.