Travel Hooks for Bags

These days, so many travel hooks for bags are available in the market that people have taken to buying plenty of it in order to have a more organized area where they can place their bags and other accessories. These things are useful especially of you are the type of person who travels a lot and carries a lot of bags and baggage. For those who have never heard of travel hooks for bags, it is exactly what its name implies- a hook for any type of bag.

There are several kinds of travel hooks for bags. There are those which you can hook on the table, this is usually used by people who do not want to place their bags on the dirty floor or surface. The table bag hook is the best solution, just place it on the table and hang your bag from it.

heavy duty bag travel hooks

Another kind is the hook which you can hang anywhere, from your shopping carts to your walls. These are the much more preferred travel hooks for bags as it is useful and can hang multiple bags securely.

Kinds of Travel Hooks for Bags

Travel hooks for bags are made from different kinds of materials. The price depends on the material and strength. A travel hook can be as cheap as $3 and as expensive as $15. If you are looking for the perfect kind of travel hooks for bags, these are the kinds to choose from:

Metal – Metal is preferred by hardcore travelers and people travelling with children. Metal is strong and will not easily break under pressure. It can carry multiple heavy bags and since it’s durable, it is guaranteed to last a long time.

Zinc Alloy– Is another durable material that is protected from corrosion and is wear resistant. For people who travel with huge cargo, this is the material to choose.

Wood – Wood is usually meant for decorative wall hooks; most travel hooks made from hooks are sturdy and stylish.

– Plastic– Plastic hooks are cheap and easily replaceable once lost, most people prefer this kind of hook.

If you are the type of person who choose by design, the best option is to buy metal or plastic travel hooks for bags. Most plastic hooks come in different colors, sizes and styles while metal hooks can be decorated with Swarovski crystals, beads and can even be engraved.

heavy duty bag travel hooks

Benefits of Owning Travel Hooks for Bags

The best thing about owning travel hooks for bags is that these things are useful to everyone and not just to those people who travel a lot. In fact, most individuals these days tend to use these kinds of hooks not just for travelling but also for home decoration.

Decorative Wall Hooks – Considering that travel hooks can be attached to the wall; there are people out there who have taken to sticking hooks on their doors so they can hang their bags and other accessories in it.

Light and Small – It can fit anywhere; you can carry it in your pocket, in your purse, in your wallet and just take it out when you need to use it.

Perfect Gift – You can have it designed and customized to your liking and use it as gift or giveaways.

Whichever way you look at it, these hooks are multi-functional and useful in everyday life. If you are the type to carry bags with you always, invest in a sturdy travel hooks for bags now.

Helpful Luggage Identifier Ideas

Every traveler has a travel bag or even one set of luggage bags. After a long journey, you would not want to get caught up in a luggage mix up. It is important then that when you are travelling, you must be able to identify you luggage at all times. You can do this with the help of these effective luggage identifier ideas. Below are some of the luggage tips that you could do with.

comfort handle wraps travel bag luggage identifier ideas

Effective Ways Of Identifying Your Luggage

Modern day travel is very hectic, whether by road, sea, or air. People can easily lose their luggage especially when they are fatigued. You might ask what should be the perfect luggage identifier.

Luggage Identifier Ideas

So, what luggage identifier ideas are there for you to easily identify your luggage even from afar? check out below.

  • Luggage Tags
    A good luggage identifier such as this contains information about the owner of the luggage. Names, address, telephone number, country of residence and the city must appear on the tag so that should anyone find it, they can easily contact the owner. Britto luggage tags, for example, can be easily identified by just a simple description.
  • Luggage Trackers
    These come in handy when one needs to keep track of where his luggage is at all times or any time. Trackers placed inside the luggage help the owner in finding them in many different scenarios like misplaced or similar luggage. This is probably the best of the 21st century luggage identifier ideas.
  • Handle Wraps
    They not only make it easier to carry your luggage, but, if you need to quickly check on your luggage, you will quickly notice the handle wrap and tell which bag is yours.
  • Multiple Colorful Tags
    Using multiple colorful tags is a quick solution to identifying where your luggage in a large carousel with many bags is, since most suitcases are made from almost the same material and color. Adding a bit more color to yours could be the difference between finding your bag in a minute or less and staring at a carousel until only a single bag is left.
  • Ribbons
    Tying ribbons to your luggage helps you to customize your luggage and set it apart from all others while on route. Ribbons are readily available from curio shops or any supermarket while some might even go for custom homemade ribbon.
  • Luggage Sensors
    These employ the use of technology where a metallic brass tag containing your necessary information is fastened on luggage handles. One simply has to touch the metal brass with a sensor to tell whether it is his luggage or not.

Luggage identifier ideas: pink colored luggage bag identifier

Luggage Identifier Ideas Final Words

Luggage identifier ideas keep getting better and better some people tend to prefer their own form of identification by going as far as spray painting their luggage or even embroidering tags to their bags or suitcases, printing and ironing custom tags marking their bags from all sides. Identifiable luggage either way benefits you as well as other people who are frequent travelers.

Anti-Theft Luggage Sets

Whenever you are going out with your family for a vacation, you definitely need to be extremely careful about security. Travelers around the world must consider security as the prime concern, over fashion and style. Some manufacturers have come up with some exceptional products for travelers classified as anti-theft luggage sets.

Companies like Travelon and PacSafe have come forward with specialized luggage with anti-theft protection. These travel bags can be different types such as handbags, luggage and backpacks. Depending on your needs, you should pick bags carefully and find something that really suit your needs. Online stores can be great resources for you to learn more about these anti-theft travel bags.

luggage bag security tips

How To Use These Innovative Luggage

The best thing about these bags is you can use the storage option for ensuring utmost safety. You can safely keep the precious stuff like ornaments, laptops, and other electronic gadgets and protect them from any mishaps. These bags come up with built-in security features with exclusive straps, belts and cables. The hidden compartments inside the bag allow the commuters to feel safe in these vacation sites.

There are plenty of pockets and designated hidden chambers where you can store books, cell phones, ornaments and laptops. These bags can carry all these things, safe like they are inside your home. The hidden compartments are designed and arranged in a way and that will never allow anyone else to learn what belongings you have in store.

Pros Of Using These Luggage Sets

No thief can wedge the bag open. Neither one can cut the shoulder straps. This feature turns your bag into a castle that prevents all the enemies to invade. You can store the most important stuffs like passport, credit cards, financial papers, and ornaments easily inside the huge secure pockets.

These bags are capable of housing enormous amount of “stuff”. These bags are comparatively dirt-proof. These bags show no dirt even after a hectic plane journey of 15 hours. Another advantage of using these bags is that both men and women can use these bags easily.

adventurers anti theft backpack

Cons Of Using Anti-Theft Luggage Sets

Some travelers have found that these luggage haven’t considered the water bottle pockets in side pouches. You can only stuff the small sized water bottles in the side pouch. For lunch boxes, you might need another anti-theft luggage. These bagging options don’t have much disadvantages of use. If you are concerned about safety, these are the exclusive options in today’s market.

Choosing Among The Best Brands

Travelers who love bolder hues and exquisite color patterns should choose among Britto luggage. These baggage are trademarks of pop artist Romero Britto‘s designs. So only those who love the utmost quality and durability at the same time, should go for these luggage options. The materials used in these bags are durable and flexible. The customized interior lines are professionally sewed.

These bags feature exclusive zippers, TPR handling system and four elegant spinner wheels for smooth and resilient control. Exclusive brand products offer exclusive quality and everlasting durability that can simply increase the customer base around the globe.

Cheap Luggage for Frequent Travelers

Cheap luggage is obviously the best choice for travelers who need to change their luggage frequently, like if you have to travel to rough places where you need to carry around some of your luggage and consequently you get your luggage damaged to the point where it cannot be used for much longer. Of course, that is true but you also might want to buy them in case you are not much of a traveler and do not like spending too much for one juts because it looks really pretty. Here you will find out about how you can buy these convenient items and a few best cheap luggage brands.

cheap rolling luggage

 Cheap Luggage Buying Tips

 Losing your luggage during your last flight is not much of an uncommon situation. This is another reason to buy cheap luggage. Since they can be quite expensive, find out from where and how you can buy cheap luggage set and bag. Follow these easy steps.

  • Your nearest Goodwill or thrift store is a great place to start. Many people donate or sale their luggage sets at unthinkable low prices. You will be amazed how little you have to pay for getting a cheap luggage set that is in pretty much good condition. Still, do not forget to clean it up very well after purchase.
  • Next, you may choose to visit your nearest pawn shop. Both rolling and expandable luggage is pawned here. You are bound to find some luggage for sale in these shops. They are also a good place to look for some cheap designer luggage like Louis Vuitton.
  • Lastly, if you are more of an online-shopper type person then simply choose to browse online. There are many sites available on the net that will help you to find them and that will suit your budget. Some of them even offer free shipping. This option is the most preferred among the other listed above.

save more money cheapest luggage

Cheap Luggage Brands

Look at a few of the best cheap luggage brands below. They are excellent choices but not necessarily the only ones.

  • Travelpro Crew 8 – 20 Inch Rollaboar. Three things define this luggage from Travelpro Crew 8, they are cheap, lightweight and convenient, a great choice for frequent flyers. It costs about $110.99.
  • US Traveler New Yorker – 4 Piece Luggage Set Expandable. This cheap luggage set from US Traveler New Yorker is all you need if you have lots to carry when travelling. In just $79.99, you will get all the space you need.
  • High Sierra – 26″ Drop Bottom Wheeled Duffle. This bag from High Sierra is more like a 3-in-1 bag. You can use it as a wheeled upright, as a backpack or a duffel. It is available in only $100.91. This is one of the most convenient luggage available in the market.
  • Britto Luggage. If you are more into artistic presentations then your best choice for luggage is Britto luggage. Their artistic combination of colors and the way they will match your taste is simply amazing. Even though they tend to cost a bit higher than most cheap luggage bag and sets, you can easily understand how much they worth the extra money.

Frequent flyers or travelers always remember to travel light and cheap. It is the most efficient way to travel without thinking of the extra expenses from luggage. The idea of having cheap luggage is the most productive and money saving technique that anyone can ever have.

The Unique Beauty Of Britto Luggage

Britto luggage is one of the recommended alternatives whenever you are searching for bags, suitcases, or travel luggage that have unique and fun designs. The most noticeable feature of these bags is the bright and colorful pop and graffiti artworks printed on their surfaces. And these are no ordinary luggage bags. The main luggage bag is produced by Heys USA while the colorful prints are works of Romero Britto, a world renowned artist. Thus, you would not only enjoy the use of a high-quality bag but you also carry art in every trip or journey.

luxury polycarbonate britto luggage

Short Background On Britto Art

For those who are not familiar with the term Britto, it both refers to the artist and his form of artwork. Romero Britto is a Brazilian artist popular in the fields of painting, sculptor, serigraphy, and especially on Neo-pop art. There’s a unique pattern on most of Britto’s work, the beautiful combination of graffiti painting, pop art, and aspects of cubism or geometric shapes. His new and unique approach to visual art together with his great ability to interpret items and concepts in the artistic form made it possible to spring a new concept of art which most people refer to as Britto art.

heys landscape and flowers britto luggage

Other than paintings, Britto art has been applied to most of the common items that people regularly use. In his official website, Romero Britto offers a huge line of products from apparels or clothing items, home decors, Britto luggage, toys, dining essentials, books, stationeries, pet items, sculptures, and other custom-made or limited collections.

Types Of Britto Luggage

Heys USA produce its own line of Britto collection namely the Heys Britto Luggage Collection. They are generally comprised of the following types.

  • Britto Beauty Cases

The beauty cases are good alternatives of the usual beauty kits that most ladies use. When you’re not fond of too much make up, they can additionally serve as a hand bag. The case features easy-grip and comfortable handles, the linings has been customized, and it also has provisions for an elastic attachment strap for carrying the case upright. Designs available are the Butterfly, Landscape, Flowers, Palm, A New Day, and Spring Love.

complete vibrant britto luggage set

  • Britto Sleeve Luggage

Another type that you may find on several Britto luggage clearance sales is the sleeve. The sleeves are suitable for women who regularly carry their laptops and netbooks to work or on a trip. Alternately, they can also be used as women’s suit cases. These sleeves provide maximum protection for the laptops and any other delicate items inside through its polycarbonate exterior built. This Britto luggage is also portable and weighs extremely light. Available designs include the Butterfly, Flowers, and the Landscape.

artistically designed britto luggages

  • Britto Travelling Bags and Sets

Perhaps, what people watch out for or expects to buy in every Britto luggage sale are the popular travelling bags of different sizes and designs. Among the types of Britto luggage, the spinner cases or travelling bags have more variants and styles. There are also pieces that are sold per set comprised of four different sizes of luggage. These spinner cases are preferred by lady travelers for a unique style and for easier identification especially at the busy and confusing airports.

With these products, combining art and functionality can easily blend with style. No wonder these collection belongs to a class of its own.

Pictures of Cruise Ships

What part of these massive floating paradises that we have all come to know as cruise ships isn’t special, one may ask. They have so many different shapes and sizes, not to mention that each cruise ship comes with its own set of very unique features such as on-board swimming pools, banquet halls, exercise rooms, etc. In many ways, a cruise ship is like a small little world that offers seclusion accented with tons of luxury. That being said, the purpose of this article is to provide detailed information on where to go to easily view all types of cruise ships. The next few short paragraphs of this article will reveal where you can find a few very impressive unlimited collection of pictures of cruise ships.

Majestic Pictures of Cruise Ships

Of course, one could see loads of these pictures of cruise ships in person when he books his next cruise. Nevertheless, for those of who would like to view all types of these ships anytime they want to, there are other options outlined herein.

Sailing with Small and Large Cruise Ships

The first place to see all the cruise ships that one could ever lay his eyes on is to go to the individual cruise line’s website. This could very well be the best source of pictures of cruise ships because which one can best show off all types of photos of these ships other than the cruise line that wants a vacationer to book a reservation with them. Even more, when one elects this option, he will not only get basic exterior shots of the vessel when it is sailing but also very detailed interior pictures.

Finding Out the Types of Cruise Ships

The second option to locate pictures of cruise ships is to use good old Google. If one is looking for all types of cruise ship photos then he would be hard pressed to beat the variety of pictures that Google images can offer him. In fact, it is not uncommon for a search of images to yield several thousands of them on demand. So for the cruise ship lover that decides to use Google images to find pictures of cruise ships, the possibilities are truly endless. Best of all, if one wants to exclusively feast his eyes on pictures of the largest cruise ship known to man, he could simply enter “largest cruise ships” in the Google images search box and there he will have not only one but several of the largest cruise ship images at his fingertips.

Amazing Pictures of the Largest Cruise Ship

The last option to view unlimited pictures of cruise ships to one’s heart’s content is to simply visit cruise line review websites. Not only can he catch a glimpse of ions of small and large cruise ships while he is on one of these sites, but he can also see what others had to say about their experience with the cruise ships, such as regarding the specialized rooms, the captain’s quarters, the dining rooms, and much more.