Toilets are as much a part of our household as any other appliances and so they must be chosen wisely and installed carefully. Good toilets are made by the top toilet manufacturers and have the best toilet seat cover and they do not let out odors onto the house. Toilets come in different styles, sizes and designs and in order for one to choose the best suited for their use, they must be able to tell the available manufacturers. This is because the only way to buy the best of any thing is to go to the stores armed with information.

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Popular Toilet Makers

Some of the top toilet manufacturers that are guaranteed to give you the most impressive models include:

  • Toto Drake Toilets
    Currently, Toto Drake ranks as the top toilet manufacturers because of their toilet efficiency and the way it operates. Not only is it extremely quiet and powerful, but it is the best for the home because it is less susceptible to clogs. This kind of toilet is good for every home and they come in different models. There is the elongated bowl model and the rounded bowl. Both are effective with the most lovely toilet cover and the best surface that is extra smooth allowing instant and thorough cleaning when one flashes. They also manufacture for all market types from low end to the most affluent.
  • American Standard
    Their toilet is famed to be the most eco-friendly yet being very efficient. It has a great flush power and so uses minimal amounts of water and it is also noiseless. It also has an anti microbial glaze that ensures that your house and bathroom are odorless even before you apply air fresheners and detergents. This is one of the top toilet manufacturers and their toilets have the best seat covers. It is also not susceptible to clogging although with time it becomes less effective in flushing.

most durable toilets

  • Gerber Ultra
    Deemed to be the best water conserver. This is perhaps the most costly toilet and it is highly effective. There is no possibility of clogging mainly because it is very fast and efficient in flushing and it also has an extra large trap way. These top toilet manufacturers really knew what they were doing in manufacturing these extraordinary toilets. That is why they are the ultimate best. Evidently, even if they are costly, one will have made a worthy investment. They are probably for high-end consumers and especially those who would go for quality rather than just style.
  • Kohler
    This toilet has a peculiar design and does not have a tank. This toilet may be suitable for small bathrooms to save on space, but the lack of a tank means less flushing power. Nevertheless, it is surprisingly powerful in flushing and does not clog easily. It also has decent toilet cover and this is why people go for it because it has a stylish look. However, the bowl is well engineered by these top toilet manufacturers to ensure that it does not cause clogging and that flushing utilizes the least amount of water. This is however almost impossible considering the lack of a tank will require much water to increase force and pressure.