What are the top shampoo brands is probably one of the most searched queries in terms of hair care. Let’s face it, humans are vain creatures and the society dictates that you must look your best when in public. More than wanting to look good, choosing amongst the top shampoo brands — and ending up with the most suitable for your hair type — goes more than just vanity. It also has something to do with proper hygiene. Shampoos are used to remove excess oil, dirt and dead skin cells from your hair and scalp. In choosing which of the top shampoo brands to use, you need not jump right ahead to the most expensive brand out there. Some people think that price always means perfect for them. On the contrary, some studies show that there is actually very little difference between an ordinary shampoo found in drugstores or grocery stores, to that of the expensive ones some salons use. Simply put, when choosing which of the top shampoo brands to use, opt for the one that fits your hair type.

  • L’Oreal Vive. Although fit for all hair types, L’Oreal Vive does not contain harsh chemicals making it primarily suitable for color treated hair types. It’s substantially comprised of conditioning agents that clean your hair thoroughly without having any adverse effect on hair follicles.

One of the Top Shampoo Brands

  • Pantene. The smell of this shampoo is often associated with that of a perfume. But more than how good it smells, Pantene is quite affordable. At $4, you are guaranteed a clean, perfume-smelling hair. On the downside, the chemicals responsible for the smell make this product a bit harsh on the scalp. Best advice for those with sensitive scalp is to skip the lure of the smell of Pantene and choose a milder shampoo.
  • Suave Dry Shampoo. An easy to apply colorless shampoo, Suave Dry Shampoo not only works to absorb excess oil but helps on adding texture to your hair as well, giving your hair volume and shine. Perfect for both dry and oily hair, this shampoo is also packed with some fragrant agents making it a one-fit for all hair needs.

Ideal Suave Dry Shampoo

  • Garnier Fruictise. Exudes a fruity citrus essence, Garnier Fruictise is, in fact, an organic shampoo made out of natural elements as opposed to the chemical-based ones you often encounter.

Just remember that when choosing among the top shampoo brands, make sure you’re not compromising your hair needs by jumping on pure word of mouth alone. Read product reviews, ask for advices – they’re free and readily accessible online.