There are regular lingerie brands and there are top lingerie brands that produce lingerie of the highest quality. Listed below are the best brands of intimate apparel. They were picked among the rest based on overall quality, sense of luxury, versatility, customization, accessibility and affordability.

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Top Lingerie Brands

1. Agent Provocateur – Named as the ultimate brand of lingerie and is the number one brand of fine, high-quality lingerie. The materials that are made for their lingerie are from France. It features a lot of collections of bras, nightwear, panties, corsets and a whole lot more. Each product is made of high quality materials and seductive styles that women would really love.

2. Frederick’s of Hollywood – A brand that is quite similar with Victoria’s Secret when it comes to affordability and quality. Frederick’s of Hollywood goes to the second spot of top lingerie brands. Their products are suitable for any types of occasions. Most of their items are very daring, but flirty and fun at the same time. They have high quality products at very affordable prices so they are very efficient to buy. There are lots of items to choose, from classy to simple yet elegant lingerie.

3. Spoylt – This brand shows complete sexiness. Their items come in different colors with very amusing combinations such as red and pink with bows and laces. Most of their items are suitable for special occasions or dates. Their items include bras, handcuffs and camisoles and most of them are reasonably priced.

4. La Perla – A lingerie brand known for its high-end and sophisticated items for women who like chic and sexy. Their products are made from Italy but they serve to most European countries and the United States.

5. Victoria’s Secret – VS takes the fifth spot of our top lingerie brands. Victoria’s Secret is a brand that manufactures high quality lingerie pieces but has very affordable prices. They have a wide range of items, from colorful and playful to sultry and seductive. They also offer plus size lingerie such as plus size bustiers and bras. Each year, VS unveils its Million Dollar Bra, intimate apparel encrusted with hundreds of stones, diamonds and pearls that add to its multi-million price. Victoria’s Secret is also famous for its annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that’s sure to bring the fancies of both men and women.

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In choosing a good lingerie brand, there are things that you must consider first. You must choose a brand that offers high quality products and has a good review from many consumers. Though affordability is also an important factor, you still have to consider the quality of a product. If you try and buy from these top lingerie brands, you will have a lot of choices that would definitely suit your taste, size and style.