Most women experiment with new hairstyles during the summer. Whether you want to wear classic cut, long, medium, short or something funky, you can add some highlights to get a bit of sun-kissed color or simply wear your existing style in a different way. Well, whatever you decide to do the summer hairstyles will help you to look fresh and new. Continue reading to find out how you can get creative with your hairstyle.

top medium hair hairstyles for women

Top Hairstyles for Women

Choppy and short style:

  • With this style, you can forget about the clean and cute cuts to give your hair a texture that is full and choppy.

Medium Length styles

  • It is now a growing trend for women to wear medium length hairstyles when they want to get more movement, volume and styling options.
  • You could cut your long hair by adding layers until it reaches shoulder length if you are afraid of scissors.
  • Medium length cuts will give you an opportunity to wear your ponytail, as it is much quicker to style your hair with this length.
  • Summer hairstyles with this length will feel and look similar to long hairstyles, but it will be more versatile and easier to manage.

Short Hairstyles

  • These styles are extremely versatile and offer lots of fun, so you can make this change if you are used to wearing long or medium length cuts.
  • You can wear short hairstyles in many ways, whether you want a look that is sassy, sleek, fun and fresh.
  • The best way to pull off this style is to find one that will accentuate your most attractive facial features.

stunning summer hairstyles


  • If you have medium or long length hairstyle, you do not have to make dramatic changes to get a new look.
  • With an up-do that is sweeping and dramatic, you could add a bit of style and class to your hair, but a bun that is casual and loose can add a bit of flirty flair.


  • Generally, women of all ages will look good in layered hairstyles.
  • Besides that, these styles are great for any hair length; will be easier to manage; can add volume to thinning hair and be styled in minutes.
  • As of such, layers have become one of the top hairstyles for women all over the world who wear shorter cuts and want to have options to look trendy.

Regardless of your hair length, you can find many ways to jazz up your look. As long as you choose one of the summer hairstyles that you can wear comfortable in the next season, then you should have fun and get creative with your cuts. You will definitely feel good with a new hairstyle and even become more confident!