There have always been some variations when it comes to men hairstyles, but the styles and trends have changed significantly in modern times to become more contemporary and sophisticated. This is not surprising since men are becoming more fashion conscious, so they are experimenting with different hairstyles to get the right look to match their personality. Below you can find some of the top hairstyles for men, if you are looking for ways to transform your appearance.

top layered hairstyles for men

The hairstyles today are many, so you can find the right one to match your hair type, facial structure, and lifestyle. A good way to select the right haircut is to look at photos to see how modern men are wearing their hair. Although most times your mood and what is right for work will help to determine your haircut, there are some times, that you might want to go wild especially if you are interested with summer hairstyles.

Top hairstyles for men

Some of the most popular styles are the retro look from the 50’s and 60’s, plus the surfer hair, shag cuts, faux hawk, emo style and more.

Short layered cut

  • You might also like the short-layered styles which are considered to be the best and the easiest to maintain.
  • With a short-layered cut, you can style it easily with your fingers and wear highlights if you want.
  • This is one of the styles that will look good all the time, even when you are just getting out of bed because your hair will stay perfect and untouched.

In fact, one of the fun and cool summer hairstyles would be the short and light cut. You could cut all of your hair short, but leave the top layers slightly shaggy and longer. With this style, you can add some highlights with light blond color in strategic areas to get a sun-kissed look.

cool summer hairstyle for men

Crew Cut

  • If you have an oval shape face, this style would be elegant and simple.
  • This style will give your jaw line a distinct and balanced look that will help to boost your personality.
  • This haircut is sweet and striking, as your hair will be narrowed at the sides and back with a little longer length at the front.

Spike Cut

  • You can choose this style if you want a contemporary one that is easy to care and maintain.
  • Usually the top section will have spikes of hair, while the back and sides will be short.
  • If you have a square or long face, this style will give you a look that is arresting and charming.

Long Layered Cut

  • This style is slowly becoming a popular trend as more men are sporting long hairstyle.
  • For this cut, your hair will be structured carefully with strategic layers and messy bangs.
  • This style will be ideal if you have a facial structure that is oblong or square.

Overall, the hairstyles for men today can give anyone a fresh and unique look. So, there is no reason why you should not look at some of the best summer hairstyles and choose the one that is right for you.