There are many different brands of home theatre speakers that you could possibly choose from, but if you are looking for the top brands of speakers, then there are a few great brands that you could possibly choose from. Here are a few selections of the top brands of speakers available in the market today.

Polk Audio

As one of the most trusted and reputable brands on the market, Polk Audio produce all types of audio or radio systems including vehicle, marine, commercial and industrial speakers and sound systems. Polk speakers are renowned for their functionality as they focus their attention on being suitable for specific installations and purposes.

Most Trusted Polk Speakers

  • Their home audio selection of products include large floor standing speakers, small bookshelf speakers, centre speakers powered subwoofers, surrounds, outdoor, and their specialist surround bar speaker systems which are tailored for those looking for a simplistic home theatre set up.
  • Their price ranges from $100 for simple speakers to $2000 for a sophisticated home theatre surround system. Their specialist sound bar system retails for $699.


As one of the top brands of speakers, Bose is an innovative company which is most notably known for its loud speakers, headsets and automotive sound systems. It prides itself at being at the forefront of technology with a very strong commitment to research and to improving people’s lives through their technology.

  • Their different home theatre systems provide a different array of solutions for the customer from its simple Acousticmass home cinema system which has different models from 6 speakers to 15 speakers and can retail up to $1500 to its CineMate digital home cinema speaker system which can retail in price from $600.
  • Its Lifestyle 135 home entertainment system is its main feature offers a single speaker, wireless Acoustimass module, doc for iPod, AM/FM radio, a control console for up to 6 HD connections and video upscaling to 1080p.


Aperion pride itself on being dedicated audio enthusiasts that are committed to creating a sound track for life for people at an affordable price. They make award winning speakers that look great and sound even better and at great value for the customers. They offer 30 day in home audition and free shipping and will promise to pay for the shipping if you don’t like what you find. There is a 10 year warranty on all products and unlimited free support. They offer preconfigured home theatre systems for small, medium and large rooms and also wireless systems.

  • Their small room pre-configured systems can range from $869 to $1997.
  • Their medium room pre-configured systems from $1349 to $2737
  • Their large room pre-configured systems from $2737 to $3994.
  • Its wireless systems retail from $399 to $2999.

Top Choice Polk Speakers

Now that you have ample idea about the top brands of speakers, it is up to you to choose which one suits your style, preference and of course your budget. Head on to your nearest store and pick one now. Talk to the product representative to verify which one is suitable to your home theater system. Enjoy shopping!