Winter sports are of immense importance in snow and windy climate. It is great time to be out of your dwelling with your family and friends for recreation and fun. But these sports are well enjoyed only if dressed as per the requirements of the season, because cold wind and snow can actually spoil the joy of winter sports. All ages love to enjoy winter sports and with growing fashion industry, huge variety of clothing are designed and manufactured today to match all age groups and genders.

Mens Arctix Classic Snow Bib

Types of Snow Wear

  • Jackets, Woolen sweater, over coats, wool pants and comfortable snow bibs: Worn as the outer layer of winter dressing to keep away from external climatic elements like rain, snow and dry air.
  • Light weight pullovers or polo t-shirts: Worn as middle layer of winter dressing to keep moisture away from body.
  • Thermal undergarments: Worn as basic or inner layer of winter dressing and plays a key role in keeping away cool air.


The Top Brands of Snow Bibs

Usually these are made out of synthetic materials like nylon, polyester or polypropylene. But at times, these bibs can be waterproof to protect from snow or drizzles and they are even available in wool material or fleece lining to match the requirements of more classy customers. The best type to buy can be one that fits well over other inner winter clothing and is fitted with adjustable straps and sufficient pockets for better storage at the time of skiing. Some of the most popular brands that manufacture snow bibs are:

Arc’teryx: Arc’teryx is a popular brand offering the most durable, mobile and varied snow bibs for both men and women.

  • They are available to choose from soft-shell, hard-shell, breathable hard-shell and waterproof materials.
  • The quality ensures the most professional and dedicated performance dedicated in every product manufactured.


Know About Top Brands Of Snow Bibs

Bogner: Bogner is known to deliver ski sports clothing that are not only functionally better but also keeps the fashion and charm of your personality intact.

  • Bogner offers snow wear for both men and women in very high energetic colors to match varied personalities.


Boulder Gear: Boulder Gear is brand offering technical clothing for all mountain recreation activities and is geared with latest lifestyles. The company offers variety of snow bibs for men, women and kids.

Chalet: The Company offers the largest and best selection of ski pants to match people of all age groups and gender.

Columbia: Columbia has snow wear to match men, women, kids and even newborn toddlers.

  • The huge variety of snow wear including snow bibs are all offered at competitive rates on its official online portal.

Some other real names offering outdoor sports clothing especially winter sports like ski for men, women and kids include Lucky Bums, the North face and Marker apparel.