Every once in a while, many men are looking for new signature scents. There is need to have a good cologne for application which makes sure that you portray an image of class and elegance as a man.
There are several top brands of men’s cologne that are in the market and you need to know this to select the brand that pleases you most. Apart from the Chrome cologne, here are some of the top brands of colognes that are best for men.

long lasting fragrance cologne for men

Acqua Di Gio, Giorgio Armani
This is a favorite to many men as it has a sense of masculinity and freshness that is loved by all. It has fragrances that are derived from tangerine, bergamot, jasmine petal, rosemary, aquatic nuances and fruity persimmon. This cologne comes in spray, aftershave and splash form in different sizes.

Ed Hardy, Christian Audigie
This cologne has a floral fragrance that is woody and gets its inspiration from the tattoo art by Ed Hardy. It has a long lasting and masculine woodiness fragrance that has a dramatic appeal. The fragrances range from bergamot, sage, mint, musk, black amber, sequoia forest and mandarin. The cologne has different sizes in spray form and has a two-piece gift set.

Cool Water, Davidoff
This has the perfect aquatic fragrance that is fresh and convenient for everyday use. It has a scent that will see you stand out from the rest of the people. The cologne has scents from coriander, sage, sandalwood and rosemary. This comes in the forms of after shaves, spray, shower gel and body lotions that come in different sizes. There are also gift sets that come in sets of two, three, four and five so you have a range of choice.

worlds leading cologne for men

Paul Sebastian, Paul Sebastian
This cologne has a classic style with a woody fragrance that is not too strong. It is best for creating statements that will see you get compliments from all. This cologne has the fragrances of lavender, jasmine, amber, sage and oak moss. It comes in the forms of aftershaves, spray and aftershave balms and has a three-piece gift set.

Curve For Men, Liz Claiborne
This is a favorite to many and has a scent that is quite catch and long lasting and cannot go unnoticed by women. It contains lavender, bergamot and clove as the main fragrances. It has musk, lime and vetiver as well as citrus, cedar and sandalwood. The cologne comes in the form of sprays and aftershaves and has three-piece and four-piece gift sets.

Drakkar Noir, Guy Laroche
It has a timeless fragrance that is classic and masculine. This cologne is long lasting and has fragrances such as bergamot, rosemary and lemon. It also has basil, patchouli, amber, cedar, sandalwood and even leather. It comes if form of sprays, aftershaves, splash and aftershave balms in different quantities. This has both two-piece and five –piece gift sets.

Be sure to pick your best of these top colognes and make your own scent statement that will leave heads turning your way.