Everyone around the world loves to move in style and comfort and so athletic shoes have become a part of everyone’s footwear collection. No matter what the reason may be, individuals always look out for the top athletic shoe brands. Due to the popularity of these comfortable sports shoes today, there are innumerable brands available at the stores that are all equally famous and of a high quality.

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The top athletic shoe brands serve different purposes namely the functional purpose and the fashionable purpose. For sports activities like tennis, basketball, walking, running, cross training and others, there are innumerable branded athletic shoes of various designs, comfort and style. Similarly for casual wear or as fashion wear, there is plenty of such footwear to choose from.

Top Athletic Shoe Brands

Here is a list of some of the top athletic shoe brands that have occupied the footwear arena for many years. Each brand has its own uniqueness and they all maintain a high standard to cater to the requirements of all kinds of customers.

  • Nike: It is a famous brand that offers the world with some of the highest quality of athletic shoes. The shoes are manufactured according to modern technology to offer sportspersons with comfort and strong grip. Quality Nike Vomero is the newest addition that is extremely comfortable and lightweight running shoes.
  • Reebok: Among the various top athletic shoe brands, Reebok occupies a high position. It first originated in the UK and at present Reebok shoes as well as sportswear are found in almost all homes.
  • Adidas: Athletic shoes from the well-known brand Adidas have helped innumerable athletes to achieve great success. The company originated in Germany and is now available all around the globe.
  • Fila: Fila is an Italian brand and its athletic shoes for both men and women have won the hearts of many. They are extremely comfortable, lightweight and fashionable, too.
  • Puma: This is one of the top athletic shoe brands of Germany that has presented the world with amazing sports shoes for nearly 50 years and is still a favorite brand for most athletes.

There are other well established companies that produce athletic shoes like Converse that was made popular by Chuck Taylor, the star of basketball. New Balance, K-Swiss, Asics and Skechers, too, are among the top athletic shoe brands.

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Buying Tips for Athletic Shoes

Since there are just so many top athletic shoe brands, it becomes quite difficult to select the appropriate ones for oneself. Only the right kind of athletic shoes can deliver the best performance in sports as well as regular workout sessions. Here are some of the different kinds of athletic shoes from the best brands to consider when purchasing athletic shoes:

  • There are motion-control shoes that are very strong and tough and are appropriate for flat-footed individuals.
  • Running shoes are both durable and comfortable and are available at quite an affordable price and attractive designs.
  • People who are of an average weight should go for the consistent running shoes as they offer great support to the feet.
  • Lightweight shoes are best suited for athletes who take part in marathons and races. 

All these types of shoes are available from the top athletic shoe brands at their selected stores and other established outlets as well as online stores.