No matter how tough it can be, athletic shoes can keep you motivated to finish and win the competition. They not only power you up, but also increase your endurance and speed. With proper selection of signature athletic shoes, you are sure to ace any sport out there.

Every year, more and more brands and styles of signature athletic shoes are coming out. More added features, different colors, and catchy names – these make athletic shoes simply irresistible. But you do not need to buy every pair of each brand to test which serves you well because this article will give you the top five signature athletic shoes, with a brief description of each.

awesome Air Jordan XI Retro Concord

Top Five Signature Athletic Shoes

This shoe line started when John Wall signed a multi-million deal with Reebok to endorse shoes under his name. Named as the ZigTech Slash, these shoes are not only good for games, but also for walking around in your jeans and shirt.

  • Air Jordan XI Retro Concord

Currently the most popular Jordan shoes around, this shoe is designed by the famous Tinker Hatfield. Michael Jordan was the first one to wear this shoe in 1995-1996, prior to its release. After it became retroed in the year 2000, it was released again to the public who, unfortunately, rioted over the shoe during the event.

  • Mizuno Wave Prophecy

Created with holed-out bottom, this shoe definitely stands out for being lightweight. And unlike most running shoes, it uses no foam materials. Custom-made into two editions for men and women, this signature athletic shoe makes use of the Dynamotion fit technology to make the wearer feel like it is never there.

  • Pumagility

As its name says, Pumagility is made to promote user’s agility. Its funky foam shapes not only give style, but also support the wearer during the activity.

  • Adidas AdiPURE Trainer

It may look like a red gorilla feet, but this shoe definitely stands out among the rest. The advantage of this shoe is that it forces your muscles to work by using your foot’s natural power. It also strengthens your leg muscles and ankles while ensuring that your toes stay active.

famous John Wall Shoes

Pros Of Buying Athletic Shoes

  • It has superior cushioning.
  • Athletic shoes offer flexibility in the right places.
  • Most signature athletic shoes allow your feet to breathe.
  • It has traction made for roads and trails.
  • It increases your stability.
  • It provides the best protection for your feet, body, and legs to help reduce repeated stress from thousands of footsteps.
  • It has built-in features that allow you to run every day with comfort and with less chances of getting injuries.

Cons Of Buying Athletic Shoes

  • Because it is made with more cushioning, athletic shoes may interfere with proper walking strides. Therefore, they are not the best choice for walking.
  • They have less arch support than walking shoes which make them not suitable for walkers with flat feet.
  • Athletic shoes’ instability may cause lack of balance when you are not running.
  • Some athletic shoe brands are somewhat expensive.
  • Most signature athletic shoes are not offered everywhere, and the shoe styles are often limited.

With all these examples and the pros and cons listed here, you’ll be able to decide intelligently if signature athletic shoes are right for you or not.