You must have heard over and over again the line that says that the hair is one’s crowning glory. It may not mean so much to you if you are blessed and is contented with your hair. But for those who seem to have very thin and flat hair, they may try every bit of remedy just to obtain a bodied and full hair. There are several hair products available in the market today that promise to give thicker and fuller hair even to those who have problems with thinning hair. But how to thicken hair should not really be a problem at all. There are equally effective natural ingredients that can be mixed and blended to help solve your hair concerns.

try homemade natural products for hair thickening

Natural allies for thick and full hair

But with the various chemical formulations that promise to give you thick hair, you better think twice on the possible long term effects that it will leave on your hair and scalp. Scientific studies on the use of hair thickening products have shown that most of their ingredients often leave harmful elements rather than on thickening hair. If you are really intent in searching for means on how to thicken hair, you can start looking into your kitchen for some ingredients. You may have not known it, but there are now several natural products that can be your allies in growing your hair thick and full of life.

So what are these simple ingredients that you can use on how to thicken hair without spending too much and putting yourself exposed to various chemical side effects? There are several natural products that can be readily found in your kitchen. So check out these top natural ingredients known to have hair thickening properties:

  • Egg Yolks: The protein in the egg yolks made it a good element for strong and thick strands of hair.
  • Olive oil: Widely known as a the most healthy natural oil, olive oils will not only leave hair shiny but nourished from roots to tips.
  • Baking Powder: Not only does it catalyze the leavening of bread, baking powder can also add volume to your once limp and lifeless hair. Easily used as a shampoo, baking soda is a good coating mix to the individual strands of hair. If you are looking for a quick fix on how to thicken hair, remember baking soda.
  • Avocado: Fresh and mashed avocados have been known to be rich in vitamins B, A, and E. it also contains protein that is needed in the growth of hair.
  • Gelatin: This natural ingredient is another hair thickening agent. It can work similarly as that of the baking soda which can easily be mixed into your shampoo regimen.

how to thicken hair with natural products

So there you have the top natural ingredients that you can easily find in your kitchen. These ingredients can be used alone or can be mixed together and blended to produce a superb hair thickening agent that shall not only add volume to your hair but can make it shiny and healthy. So, now you can ditch those tubes and bottles that promise to show you how to thicken hair. You don’t have to expose yourself to harmful chemical elements from the many hair thickening formulas.