Looking to buy your husband a present? Get him nice cologne and he’ll love it. First, you need to know what’s best and well liked by others who have used them. Below are the top 5 brands of men’s cologne (in no particular order). Read on to find out more.

Know The Top 5 Brands of Men's Cologne

Best-Selling Brands of Mens Cologne


1. Hugo by Hugo boss

It has the scent which is both sweet and spicy, producing unique aroma. The aroma can last for the whole day, so you can go easy when applying it to your body.

  • A mixture of spicy leaves, wood, and citrus, this perfume works best during daytime.
  • One or two sprays are enough as the smell is potent, its high notes can last about 2 hours.
  • The lingering aroma after that is fine and leaves subtle scent which is great. Although the scent is strong, it is not overbearing as women love them.

2. Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

Just like what its name implies, this perfume is HOT. Women found its scent incredibly sexy. One woman even admitted wants to follow a man that uses this perfume in her positive review of this Christian Dior product.

  • This perfume contains various leaves and fruits and some of them are bergamot, honeysuckle, hawthorn, sandalwood and cedar.
  • It has the smell of a fragrant tea. The scent is sweet for a men’s perfume but still maintains the masculinity. In short, this perfume has a soft yet manly scent.


3. John Varvatos by John Varvatos

To describe it in one word— authentic. The scent John Varvatos cologne produces is unlike any other cologne that you can never mistake it for women’s perfume. It has pure masculine aroma. You or anyone around won’t find it overwhelming, the scent is subtle and only someone in close proximity can tell you are using it.

  • It is a mixture of date fruit, seed templar, leather essence and clary sage flower among others.
  • You’ll get sweet smell initially and later turns to vanilla and leather notes. Get it for your husband and he’ll thank you for it.


Authentic John Varvatos Cologne

4. Aqua Pour Homme Marine by Bulgari

With this perfume you don’t need to apply a lot. Just a dab and you are good to go. Its scent lasts long too. You can never go wrong with this one.

  • It consists of mandarin, petit grain, santolina, posidonia and mineral amber.


5. Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani

Great scent and lasts long. It is popular and widely used. This perfume is suitable for all occasions, you can use it to work, dinner or any formal event and you will smell great for the occasion. It has the perfect blend of aroma that pleases both men and women alike. A sure hit for your significant other.

There you have it, the top 5 brands of men’s cologne. You can’t go wrong if you choose one of them. Get one right now!