Sending holiday cards lets the people in your life know that you’re thinking of them. From traditional holiday cards that your family sends every year to cards with unique holiday card sayings, have some fun this holiday season with your greetings. Create your next Christmas card with help from these tips for 10 unique holiday cards. Don’t forget to include a handwritten message, too.

Top 10 Unique Holiday Cards

  • Top 1. Instead of featuring your entire family squeezed onto one holiday photo card, feature just one member. For example, if you have a new baby in the family, take a photo of her for your holiday cards.

A Sweet Holiday Card Sayings

  • Top 2. Instead of a family member, have a picture of your pet displayed on the holiday card.
  • Top 3. If you have a large family, feature a photo on the holiday card that represents three generations. For example, take a photo of a daughter with her mother and grandmother.
  • Top 4. Holiday cards don’t need to be gray and snowy. Instead, summertime Christmas portraits on greeting cards are one of the best 10 unique holiday cards idea. Brighten up someone’s day with a photo at a beach. Have your family pose in shorts, tanks, and Santa hats.
  • Top 5. Instead of holiday colors in the background, have the holiday card portrait set against a stark background for a modern look.
  • Top 6. Dressing the entire family up in ugly winter sweaters for the holiday card portrait isn’t popular anymore. Instead, have everyone dress nicely and wear just one matching holiday accessory. For example, for a Christmas portrait, everyone can wear a pair of white and red striped socks that peek out underneath their pants.
  • Top 7. Send ornament holiday cards that recipients can display on their Christmas tree. The photo or image of your choice can be printed directly onto the ornament. You won’t have to print out a picture and fit it into the frame. Also, the back of these ornaments are often customizable. Have the year, your family’s last name, or a special holiday message included on the back of the ornament card.

Ornamental Holiday Card Saying

  • Top 8. One of the 10 unique holiday cards that’s perfect to send to your business contacts is the magnetic holiday card. Your business contacts and friends can stick the magnet card on file cabinets or the break room refrigerator.
  • Top 9. E-cards are the easiest, cheapest way to wish your loved ones a happy holiday season.
  • Top 10. Purchase seals and return labels that match the card design.

With any of the above 10 unique holiday cards, you are sure to make your Christmas as well as that of your loved ones, a memorable one.