When shopping for TOKICO shocks for your car, you know you’re going to find quality. The shock absorbers offered by TOKICO are among the elite and are backed by a history of innovation and solid engineering.

The right application for you all depends on the type of vehicle you own, your driving habits, and the terrain you typically encounter. The best feature of the TOKICO gas shocks line is that you can adjust some of the shocks to “dial in” the type of suspension and handling response best suited to your needs.

Specially-formulated oil is present in TOKICO gas shocks which reduce risk of lubricant breakdown. This TOKICO shocks review is supported by science; their valve is one of variable-aperture which increases flexibility and control.

ultra high performance tokico D-Spec shocks

TOKICO’s brief company profile

For over 60 years, TOKICO has been in the shock absorber manufacturing industry. But they don’t limit themselves there. You’ll find a high-quality selection of hydraulics as well as brake parts from TOKICO. Many of the U.S. automobiles manufactured in the 1980’s began using TOKICO gas shocks to enhance ride support and quality. The advancements that TOKICO has made in the arena of ride quality and steering response are world class; they pride themselves in continuous product improvement.

tokico D-Spec series strut and shock package

Popular products manufactured with their features

TOKICO shocks come in different varieties. Reason being, there are many different automobiles out there requiring unique configurations and specifications. If you have the budget and don’t want to be stuck in one class of shock system, go with the D-Spec series TOKICO shocks and adjust your shocks specifically for your driving needs.

HSK series TOKICO shocks

The HSK series is for advanced users. If you race on the track or do a substantial amount of driving, these are the type of adjustable shocks you want. With suspension-lowering capability up to 1.8″, you can truly hug the road with this handling kit.

tokico blue hp suspension kit

D-Spec series shocks

These are among the elite of the TOKICO shocks line. The D-Spec series allows you to tune your shocks to any driving situation you encounter. Whether you’re going off-road, racing on flat road at the track, or even just driving to and from work these can suit all of your needs. They feature specific tuning per shock and have a performance oil seal to withstand the rigors of the added adjustment and range of driving conditions.

HP series shocks

These are the TOKICO blue shocks that are the company’s signature look. These shocks are engineered to increase damping during high-speed and flexibility. At low-speeds you’ll enjoy a lower damping force; this results in a smoother, composed ride experience. You won’t have suspension bottoming if you use HP shocks and you’ll improve steering response and acceleration as the squat of the vehicle will be minimized.

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Trekmaster series shocks

With Trekmaster, you’ll enjoy a 65% reduction in mechanical drag when compared to competing shocks on the market. You can have these installed and enjoy improved tire adhesion with great stability on or off the asphalt.