If you are an air conditioner owner either in your home or even business premises, in order to ensure that your conditioner works effectively, you need to always undertake air conditioner cleaning and maintenance. This can be done on a monthly or even yearly basis. It all depends on you and how tight your schedule is. If proper care is not taken, your air conditioner will not last for a long time.

Air conditioner cleaning and maintenance is important as it gives one an opportunity to replace parts that are worn out. When you have decided on maintaining your air conditioner, it is important that you hire a specialist to do so, as doing it yourself can result in furtherdamage. If you own aDeLonghi Portable Air Conditioner you can call their specialists to come and fix it for you.

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Performing air conditioner cleaning and maintenance on the Delonghi air conditioner should not be a daunting task. Every air conditioner manufacturer provides you with a manual that you can use to understand operations of your air conditioner. It is also downloadable online without need of registration. Of importance to note is that poorly maintained air conditioner loses efficiency and its cooling capabilities as well as costing you more to run it.

Proper Cleaning and Maintenance of Air Conditioners

  • As the portable air conditioner is working, condensed air must be expelled out of the room through a venting kit that comes with the machine.

  • A portable air conditioner also acts as a dehumidifier as it removes water from air. The water is used to cool the air conditioner. With time if one lives in a humid area it would be advisable to drain condensed water once in a while.

  • With time, a portable air conditioner collects impurities due to its functions as dehumidifier and air purifier. This collects on its filters. It is important to clean its filter so as to ensure your conditioner is working efficiently.

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  • The conditioner’s housing unit should be cleaned regularly. Cleaning external parts results in increased air volume. One should also ensure that their portable AC is kept away from direct sunlight, as its color will fade.

  • Proper air conditioner storage is very important especially after summer. This helps prolong your AC’s life. To do this, pack your unit in its original carton and place it in a dry location. This works for AC’s that do not have built-in heater functions.

Most important thing to remember while performing air conditioner cleaning and maintenance is taking caution. Before cleaning any parts ensure that it is unplugged from the power source. This avoids electrical accidents, which can be fatal.