Cleaning your car, driveway, the deck and the pavements may be difficult and tiresome without the help of nice gadgets. However, with the use of pressure washers, you can clean easier taking only a few minutes of your time instead of the whole day. Hotsy pressure washer is one of the most popular brands of pressure washer. Here are some tips on how to use a pressure washer.

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Pressure Check

The number one tip on how to use a pressure washer is being careful in changing the machine from high pressure to low pressure. High pressure will cause splashing and may cause wastage of your soap/detergent and also your time.

Checking for Oil Leaks

If your pressure washer is leaking oil, you have to fix this first because the oil will only make your surfaces dirty. It is also very dangerous because you can slip on it. Most common causes of oil leaks are overfilling or busts in the oil tank.

Wearing Protective Gear

Among the tips on how to use a pressure washer, this is very important. You must wear protective gears every time you are using chemicals and when you are using water that runs in temperatures that are more than 140 Fahrenheit. This will avoid accidents because the water might accidentally splash on you.

The Nozzles

Reading the user manual of the nozzles is very important. This is a good way to know how to use a pressure washer. The nozzles are different in pressure and power. The zero degree nozzles, for example, are the most powerful and it can give very strong flows that can damage fragile surfaces if one is not careful. One should mark the use of all the nozzles and the surfaces it is compatible with.

The Bleaches

The most important caution is that you should never mix any power washing detergents with bleach. You will be lucky if this mixture does not burn your skin but it could also cause fires as it is highly flammable. Always use each at a time and clean the tank well.

Using the Spray Gun Safely

learn how to use a pressure washer

The tips on how to use a pressure washer cannot be complete without the mention of the spray gun. It must be well used and gripped because it can cause a lot of destruction due to the power of water pressure. Do not rinse your feet while gripping it because you will get injuries. Spray guns should never be allowed to freeze. Every time you finish using it, it should be stored at temperatures that are higher than 32 Fahrenheit to ensure it does not freeze. It is also important to always make sure it is in prime condition before using it. Knowing how to use a pressure washer will not only efficiently do the cleaning job but will also make it accident free.