Bootcut Jeans or semi flare bottom jeans emerge in the year of 60’s and 70’s. Yet, it was in the year of 80’s and 90’s that women and men started to wear this denim as one of the hottest fashion jeans. It is comfortable to wear and stylish in which it can be worn for in any occasions.

ariat mens wirde ravine boot cut jeans


Semi Flare bottom jeans are tight in the waistline towards the leg and slightly flare or widens from the ankle downward. It is also good to emphasize curvy hips for the women. It looks fabulous to those who have hourglass body shape. This is perfect for those who are skinny, average and fleshy because it will give you fuller and at the same compact effect at the waistline. This type of jean is also best for men who want to wear comfortable denim like semi flare bottom jeans for most of the men bootcut jeans are baggy and loose.

Semi flare bottom jeans are not an old wearing style since you can always design it with beads, broider and or even distress it. Some famous artists like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian are still wearing it as trendy denim. They wear semi flare bottom jeans to accentuate their curves and their body assets.

Wearing Semi Flare Bottom Jeans

Semi Flare Bottom Jeans can be worn in any occasion.  In considering what to wear with bootcut jeans, you must think about the occasion first.  Below are tips in wearing semi flare bottom jeans for both women and men.

Tips for Women

For women, in casual wearing of semi flare bottom jeans, you can pair it with white T-shirt and vest. High heel shoes or thigh-high leather boots will look fabulous.

For office or formal occasion, you can match with tight heeled stiletto boots or stiletto. It is perfect for formal shirts, cute blouses, sleeveless shirt or tank top with formal blazer.

For informal dating occasion, you can pair with sleeveless shirt or white T-shirt with necklace and tuck the white-t-shirt in to emphasize your curvy hips. Don’t forget to match it with trendy belt and peek-a-boo ankle boots or platform boots.

Refrain from wearing flats, flip flops or sandals especially for short women because the semi-flare bottom jeans cover your feet. You can still wear flats, flip flops or sandals if you opt to wear slim bootcut jeans.

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Tips for Men

For men, in casual wearing of semi-flare bottom jeans, it is recommended to wear it with truWalkzero Men’s chukka or ridge valley boot for the shoes. Wearing with white T-shirts with vest is perfect to match with your jeans.

For formal occasion, match it black formal shoes and long sleeves. Wear formal black belt as well. For informal dating, short sleeves polos are perfect for the semi flare bottom denim. Ledge hill boot is a perfect pair for your jeans.

Like Evisu jeans, any accessories and shirts go with the semi-flare bottom denim. Blazers, tees, blouses, tank top, plaid shirts, etc. will look nice for women. Thermals, button down shirts, polos, etc will look great for men. Choosing perfectly matched accessories like belts and shoes can make the outfit look right and trendy in any occasion.