Curly or wavy hair generally looks amazing and that is not to be doubted. This has therefore led to most asking questions on how to get beach waves. Beach waves are generally the curls or waves that are created on hair regardless of your hair type, after swimming in the sea. This is mainly due to the salty water that oceans or seas have which create a minimal curling effect on your tresses. This therefore makes salty water one of the various methods of how to get beach waves. If you do not live close to a beach, no cause for panic as simple styling, too, can make beach waves on your hair. Here are some of the methods that one can use to get those beach waves perfect for spring or summer.

lethal salt water bait spray

  • Saltwater sprays – One can either choose to go for a home salt spray which is simple and cheap to make or buy a salt spray online or at your nearest drugstore. There are many different types of salt sprays thus one should carefully choose which spray specifically works best with one’s hair type. If you choose to make one yourself, you will need some sea salt, water and a spray bottle. Use one teaspoon of salt for each ounce of water. Salt sprays are simple to use but they can be extremely drying and it is not advisable to use them everyday even if they do not have a lasting effect on hair.
  • Hair rollers or buns – This is another trick on how to get beach waves. It is best done at night after washing your hair in the shower. It is a common method and works best with damp hair but depending on one’s hair type. One can add little amounts of salt spray to enhance the waves. This method requires patience to segment the hair, roll the parts on rollers or twisting the hair into buns then wait until morning or when the hair dries to undo it again. Use a curling spray or mousse to hold the curls. It may be disappointing, however, to hair types that do not hold waves well.
  • Wand curling iron – If you are one of the many who seek answers on how to get beach waves, then this is undoubtedly one of the easiest and best solutions you should try out. A wand curling iron heats up to curl hair according to how and where one wants the waves, either loose or tight. It has the longest lasting effect on any hair type out of all the reviewed methods. A wand curling iron is used on dry hair making it very simple and quick to use. It is usually the last and only resort to those who cannot find a lasting solution on how to get beach waves on their hair.

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Knowing how to get beach waves on your hair depends on the method that is going to be used. This is because there are different hair types and conditions. Beach waves are sexy and admirable, making the perfect combination for a fun look which most girls envy. Hair styling may seem complicated for many women but it is only as simple as knowing the right methods and products that work best with your hair. Knowing how to get beach waves should not be stressful to women as it is one of the simplest ways of styling hair.