Growing bamboo plants in your garden is one of the simplest yet excellent ways to beautify the area. However, to some gardeners, it can be a challenging task because its growth will depend on different factors including soil, climate, bamboo type and placement. Fortunately, cultivating and maintaining bamboo plants requires only minimal spending. This article will focus on growing and maintaining bamboo plants. To have a better understanding of the basics, read the detailed steps below.

bamboo- highly sustainable alternative wood flooring product

Placement and Spacing

Most large bamboos like black bamboo plants grow best on areas which receive at least 5 hours of full sunlight. Additionally, they should be given sufficient fertilizer, water and protection against weeds. Here are some tips on this.

  • During the first days of planting, placing bamboo plants over a light shade and wind screen is strongly recommended as well. Smaller bamboo species like Sasa, Fargesia and Thamnocalamus enjoy a relative amount of shade, most particularly during the hottest times of the day. Thamnocalamus and Fargesia are clumping bamboo plants; therefore, you can plant them without worrying about spreading.
  • As for spacing, bamboo plants should be given 3 to 5 feet of distance in between. If you choose to plant the fast-spreading types, make sure to provide farther distances. Most bamboos reach their full height in 5 to 6 years; however, this still depends on the areas climate and the bamboo’s species.

Light and Watering

Lucky bamboo plants do well when placed under bright and filtered sunlight. Some tips to abide to with this plant are the following:

  • Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight at all costs as it will just burn the bamboo’s leaves.
  • However, if the leaves begin to fade, it is recommended that you provide them with more light.

eco- friendly bamboo plant

Little bamboo plants need frequent and generous amount of watering. This should be done twice weekly, especially when the weather is mild, hot or windy. As a general rule, make sure that each bamboo gets at least half a gallon of water. On the other hand, bamboo indoor plants should be watered with utmost care. Make sure to give them only the recommended amount of water and nothing more. Spraying them every day with water is also a good idea, as this will keep the plants humidified.

For more details on how to care and maintain the health of your bamboos properly, ask your bamboo supplier. Cultivating bamboo plants is fairly simple. All you need is to obtain bamboo plants then utilize the information and guidelines on growing and maintenance to ensure that these plants will grow to the fullest.