Unlike used cars, used guitars are like wines and cigars. They sound and get better when they age. This is because the wood of the guitar undergoes a curing process as it age. Experienced guitar players know how to look for a fine used guitar. Moreover, you need to know what types of used guitars you want to purchase. You can choose on buying between used bass guitars or used electric guitars depending on your preferred choice.

However, it will be difficult for the beginners to evaluate a used guitar for to them buy. Hence, it is essential to know the following tips on how to assess used guitars for you to purchase.

used and efficient steel acoustic guitar

Tips on Buying Used Guitars

1. Check for cracks, scratches and dents of the guitar. You need to expect that used guitars undergone wear and tear conditions. Small scratches are acceptable but large cracks, dings and dents are not.

2. Examine the neck for warping. In examining the neck, you need to look down the side of the neck. The neck should be straight. If not and if the neck is slightly warped, adjusting the truss rod should do the trick. However, if the warping and bowing is prominent for some time, the neck should be replaced. Another way of checking the warping of the neck is to press the 6th string at the 9th and 1st frets. If you see a big space between the neck and the strings, it is advisable not to purchase it.

3. Check the bridge of the guitar. The bridge is located next to the sound hole of the used acoustic guitars. It is a piece of wood wherein the strings are attached to it. To check the bridge, you need to get a business card and slide it under the bridge. If you can slide the card underneath the bridge, then you need to fix it.

4. Check the strings and the fret. The strings must not be loose and rattled. You can do this by checking the intonation. Simply, play some notes. When you hear a rattle or any buzzing sounds, then, there must be problem with the bridge, strings or fret. If you are beginner and you don’t know how to check the intonation of the guitar, you can purchase a guitar tuner. Guitar tuner is not as expensive as buying a used guitar. You can save money from buying the guitar tuner since you can still use it when tuning your guitar. It is a must have guitar accessory for the beginner. This tip is not only applied to the used acoustic guitar but to the used electric guitars as well.

5. Check the brace of the guitar. You need to tap the top of the guitar. When you hear a sound crackling sound, then the brace of the guitar is loose.

comtemporary secondhand electric guitar

Aside from the mentioned tips on buying a used guitar, it is recommended for you to ask the seller of the guitar how long he or she owned the guitar. You can also ask if the seller did some fixing with the guitar before. Lastly, you can ask if owner has guitar humidifier and other accessory such as guitar case. This is to help you assess that the seller took essentials steps to enhance the curing process of the used guitars.