Wearing boots is an essential for ladies not only during special occasions but may be considered as a regular fashion style as well. After choosing certain designs and styles of boots to be worn and become part of anyone’s wardrobe, the only task left is the proper wardrobe mixing and matching to ensure that perfect look.

The following are some of the short yet useful tips to arrive at a perfect boot and dress match.

wearing different styles of boots tips

Tips in Wearing Different Styles of Boots

1.) Matching the boot style with the dress or skirt

  • Perhaps, the general rule that can be applied when wearing different styles of boots is to match the boots’ style, color, or motif with the dress or skirt that shall be worn.
  • Hence, when intending to wear party dresses, complementary party or colorful boots may also be used.

2.) Longer boots are better during winter

  • Though the length of boots that will be used may vary regardless of the weather, it is still worthy to note that longer boots generally tend to provide more warmth and comfort during winter time.
  • With the added heat, the individual may already consider wearing lighter dresses or skirts.

3.) Consider wearing boots with heals when wearing skirts or more formal dresses to look more feminine.

  • When wearing formal or semi-formal dresses and skirts, it is a must for a woman to project as much femininity as possible.
  • Thus, high-heeled boots are always preferred with these kinds of wardrobe than those bulging pumps.

4.) Bearing some skin will always be ideal

  • When using boots that are lengthier or higher, consider wearing dresses or skirts that would still allow few inches of “peek” for the legs. It would be awkward to see a lady fully covered with dress and boots nowadays.
  • Therefore whether your Gucci boots are for styling and those White Mountain boots for trekking, the end motive is always to look good or best.

wearing different styles of longer boots for winter

5.) Pump boots are complementary for longer skirts and dresses

  • Wearing long and solid-colored dresses and skirts will generally fit boots having heavy heels.

6.) Wearing complementary tights

  • Most often, boots are considered staples when it comes to regular styling. Staple boots are generally those that are fitted, made out of cotton or any comfortable and breathable material, and are monotone-colored. And the perfect much for these boot staples? It’s the complementary tights that can enhance the person’s appearance. There are now numerous tights that anyone can choose from including the current jeans leggings or “jeggings”, etc.

7.) Consider your personality

The final verdict on how to mix and match boots, dresses, and any other wardrobe will essentially depend on you, the wearer. Hence, an individual may only wear set of clothes and accessories that would jive or complement to his or her personality.