Girls who love to go shopping for plus size womens lingerie understand that wearing undergarments are not just necessities but a way of feeling great and the best way to become confidently sexy.  Wearing some sexy lingerie underneath those gym outfits or any office attires can help one feel wonderful about oneself even though it is only the wearer who knows about those undergarments beneath.

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How to Shop for Plus Size Lingerie

When shopping for plus size womens lingerie, it is very important that you get one that will compliment your figure. Getting the right size will help you look great even you have a plus size body figure.  There are lots of stylish and sexy lingerie that are especially made for plus size women to feel special. If you want to shop for the best lingerie for your body, follow these tips.

  • For bras, measure your bra size at home prior to buying. Brassiere sizes come in a combination of a letter and a double-digit number. Measure the circumference of your chest by putting a measuring tape around your chest, right where your bra’s band is. This is your bra’s band size and it should be an even number. If you get an odd number such as 31, add 1 such that it becomes an even number, 32. Next, measure the circumference loosely around the fullest part of the breasts. Subtract this number to the value you got from the band size. This measures your bra’s cup size.  A 1-inch difference is A, 2-inch difference is B, 3 inches is C, 4 inches is D, and so on.
  • For plus size thongs and panties, choose those that wrap around the hip and groin comfortably. It should not dig into your skin or cause bulges. Additionally, select the type of fabric. Cotton is a popular choice as it is breathable, but there are other fabrics used such as polyester, Lycra, and cotton blends that are often used in sexy underwear.
  • For corsets, decide if you want an underbust or an overbust corset. An underbust corset does not provide coverage for the breasts, while an overbust corset extends from the breasts to the upper hip. Try on different corsets for proper sizing and fit. Consider also having a busk if you are a first time user since it helps  a lot in putting on and taking off the corset easily.
  • Generally when shopping for plus size womens lingerie, everything you buy should fit you well. A great fit means that it hugs around specific parts without digging into your skin. You should be able to move comfortably around with it. Bras should not lift up when you raise your arms. Panties and tights should not give you a muffin top. Corsets should be comfortable enough when you sit, lean or stand.
  • Decide on how you are going to use your lingerie. This is why there is a distinction between a sports bra and a push up bra, a thong and boyleg shorts, and corsets and camisoles. Take note of embellishments and other extra features your undergarment may have.
  • Go shopping for plus size womens lingerie from trusted brands or sellers. Some popular names are Victoria’s Secret, Hanky Panky, Agent Provocateur, Frederick’s of Hollywood, and Kiss Me Deadly.

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Knowing how to shop for sexy undergarments will surely give you more idea on what is best for you. You must always remember that when shopping for plus size womens lingerie, comfort must always be the first option above all. When you are comfortable with what you wear, you will be able to bring sexiness best both inside and out.