People play table tennis for a century now and the game it even getting more popular and intense. It was even said that the game started in the late parts of the 19th century and originated as a parlor game. The game was known first as pingpong. Not until Parker Brothers have changed the name and the world began calling the game as table tennis. The first equipments used were balls made of cork, far from the modern balls made of plastic used today, and rubber-covered sticks. Later, the paddles got an upgrade which had sponge all over it utilized by the Japanese players in the year 1952. Since then, table tennis had been legitimate. How to play table tennis is very important where set rules and techniques were created.

Before you play table tennis, you need to know some tips and techniques. Here are the enumerated tips to help you get to know the sports more.

how to Play Table Tennis

Tips On How To Play Table Tennis Properly

  • Learn to know the different stroke techniques. You have to know the proper execution and the strokes to perform them appropriately on the game. There are seven types of strokes defined by Pong World to play table tennis including the kill, push, forehand loop, block, counter drive, chop and backhand loop.

  • Know the type of players that professionals used as their bases on the strokes to use in playing. There are five types of players listed by the Pond World included blockers, counter-drivers, loopers, choppers, and penholders. Professionals use specific strategies to play table tennis alongside to the certain types of players.

  • You have to develop a good strategy to maximize your strengths and opponents weaknesses. You can do some mix up serves of different lengths and spins. You can use some advance serves such as medium-long, deep, short, pure spin or pure speed. Since the receiver must be quick to decide whether to use forehand or backhand, serving to the elbow is very effective to play table tennis.

best quality butterfly table tennis

  • Choose good equipment for yourself. If you can select good table tennis gears and equipment that will help you improve playing the game. You can consider the shape when you select a racket. The choices will be based on your style of play such as the speed of the racket and the handle shape. The Butterfly table tennis is one of the well-known companies known for their table tennis and pingpong accessories. If you want equipments that are best, you can buy on that sport shop.

  • Once you know the style, have developed a playing strategy and have good equipment, practice until you think you’re good enough for your opponent and be confident. To play table tennis well, of course, you have to train

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     so that you will be fit for the competition. Perfect you ability to play table tennis to avoid your opponents in winning.

Remember these tips when you are planning to play table tennis anytime soon. The effectiveness of these tips depends on your application and the very equipment you would be using to address these tips. So it is therefore important that you get quality table tennis equipment from well reputed sources such as Butterfly table tennis products.