Regardless of the size of your company, obtaining a group of hard-working, efficient, and motivated employees is essential for its success. Lack of these important qualities may result to poor job performance; therefore, the business also suffers. With that being said, the price that you pay in enhancing your employees’ efficiency can be worth it after all.

Following are some tips that you should utilize in order to ensure that your employees would become efficient, productive, and willing to give their very best for the sake of the company.

basic tips in improving employee efficiency


First, put yourself in the shoes of your employees and understand their basic needs as working individuals. Some of the most significant needs of an individual are the need for diversity, significance, and human connection. Different personalities require varying levels of these needs. If you are unable to fulfill any of these, chances are, it will affect your employees’ performance as well as self-esteem.

THE NEED FOR HUMAN CONNECTION: Generally, we humans always feel the need to connect because we are created as social creatures. Lacking of this stimulus, however, can result to undesirable outcomes. By connecting to your people, you are giving them the impression that they are valued and appreciated.

  • To implement this, you can start with getting to know more about your employees and their personalities.
  • Set up a meeting or attend to the important events in their lives like birthdays or graduation parties to get to know how many kids they have, their ages, how they do at school, or just random information to show your appreciation to them.

THE NEED FOR DIVERSITY: This is obviously another essential need that an employer should fulfill as humans always seek for change and variety. Without it, your employees’ performance level may drop eventually.

  • Diversity is crucial in order to stimulate the curious minds of your people, so you need to give them varying tasks and assignments from time to time.
  • You could also schedule a specific day where they can get rid of their uniforms.
  • Just incorporate random varieties in order for them to feel a bit of thrill and excitement, even if they are going to the same workplace every single day.

THE NEED FOR SIGNIFICANCE: Significance is more likely to result to company loyalty. If we feel significant, chances are, we tend to stay so that we could still connect to those who value us. So, how do you meet this need?

  • Begin with understanding how valuable your people are to your company.
  • Then, classify them according to their working abilities.
  • Know what makes them unique, their skills, and experiences that make them special.
  • Recognize and praise them based on the special qualifications they possess.


Hope is another significant factor humans need for existence. As a superior, do whatever it takes to establish hope in the minds of your people.

  • Hope always result to positivity, just do not be too exaggerated.
  • Instead, focus on more realistic aspects.
  • Instill in their minds that things can go wrong anytime, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot something to correct those mistakes.

know how to improve employee performance


Balance can also be a tool in order to keep your employees productive. As an executive, ensure that you are maintaining balance not only in your life, but also with the lives of your employees. Select the areas where you might be lacking and do something to change it for the better. For example, if you are seeing an overworking employee, show concern by sending them home and giving them a half day schedule the next day.

And when its time for performance evaluation, you will need performance evaluation sheets. On the internet, you will find lots of performance evaluation examples for different fields, which are print-ready and commonly uploaded in .doc format.