Getting the right TV is relatively difficult today with so many types and brands available. Even if it would be restricted by one’s budget, the options are still too many which would likely take some time away from you in evaluating every option. After all, investing in the right TV is something we all want wherein we get the best bang for our buck and maximize entertainment as well. So what are the important things a shopper should consider in getting a television?

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Things To Consider

The television has become a common device used by millions of people worldwide. However, the basic TV usually placed in the living room table have evolved already into different kinds which can range from personal entertainment use to commercial promotional use. With portability now improved wherein TVs now can be very light and power efficient, there’s a wide range of choices for TVs today.

Types Of TVs

There are 4 types of TVs in the market today with advantages and disadvantages unique to them which will be explained below:

DLP is one of the oldest kinds of TV which has an infinite lifespan and a very good contrast ratio. DLPs are compatible for rough use and are able to give a relatively good viewing experience without needing much servicing or repairs. The disadvantage of this type is that the TV comes in really bulk sizes. It does not have the sleek and light effect LCDs, LEDs and Plasma TVs offer. However, DLPs are the best if you are aiming for an ordinary TV viewing experience.

LCD TVs are made with many crystal layers kept back to back between 2 very thin glass panes. You see the images on the TV when it is illuminated by a narrow light beam. LCDs cost less current than DLPs and Plasma TVs which gives you an added benefit than having a stylishly thin TV which you can hang in the wall if you want. These come in smaller sizes than other types of TVs and you can easily substitute a LCD TV for your Game terminal or computer monitor. However the contrast ratio is far less than the DLPs and Plasma TVs but if you go for a good brand such as Sanyo TV you can minimize this issue.

LED TVs are run a similar system with LCD TVs but uses a more efficient LED lighting compared to LCD’s. These are made thinner compared to LCDs and Plasmas. Contrast ratio is basically the same with LCDs but LED TVs have better dynamic contrast ratio.

If you only focus on getting the right TV without worrying about the price and power consumption, Plasma TVs are the best choice for you. Although the power consumption is higher than others, these offer you the best colors and plays fast moving pictures in a very accurate manner. Similar to LCD TVs, Plasma TVs look stylish and you can place it anywhere.

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However, even if you select the type which suits you the best, it is a must to go for a good brand which offers you warranty and is stable in the field with a good name such as Sanyo TV. Any of these are ideal for personal use. For commercial use, LCD and LED TVs are popular since they are lightweight and can be placed everywhere from walls to ceilings or even on the floor. Getting the right TV will always require time and research. Reading reviews is highly recommended to ensure you get the right one.