Feeding a dog is fun only when you know what to feed him, when to feed him and how much to feed him. Knowing about dog food is a must in order to ensure that your dog’s immunity is good and he remains healthy throughout his lifetime.

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Helpful Tips in Feeding Dogs

  • Puppies should be fed more frequently. Feeding them four times a day is optimal. As the puppy grows into an adult, the number of meals should be cut down to three and then finally to two.
  • You should never feed your dog only once a day with a heavy meal because that could lead to stomach problems. This problem is seen more often in larger dogs because they have to crane low to eat from their bowls.
  • To avoid the above problem, you should also ensure you place the bowl at a height suitable for your dog.
  • The dog food package such as Instinct dog food comes with instructions based on age and weight of the dog. Follow them carefully. This is by far one of the most important tips in feeding dogs.
  • Environmental factors, heath factors, energy of dogs and their breed determine the kind of food they should be given. Hence, you should gather information about the dietary requirements of your dog from the Veterinarian beforehand to stay on the safe side.
  • Remember to always clean your dog’s bowl. You’d never eat in a dirty plate for obvious reasons. The same reasons hold true for your dog too.
  • Make sure you only give your dog the required amounts of food to avoid obesity. Overweight dogs tend to be much weaker and prone to ailments. Under-feeding him could lead to starvation and ultimately death of your canine friend. Be very careful.
  • Keep your dog away from fat food and spicy foods. Chocolates, onions, garlic, grapes and raisins are poison for dogs. Make sure you don’t feed your dog with such foods.
  • Dog food should not contain anything that is very cold or very hot because there is a risk of intestinal and stomach problems with extreme temperatures.
  • While feeding your dog with raw meat, be very careful about handling it. Clean the raw meat well, wash your hands and make sure the feeding area is also clean in order to avoid bacterial infections like Salmonella.
  • Keep fresh water for your dog all the time. Fresh water is very important especially during the summer.

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Feed your dog right and feed him clean and follow these tips in feeding dogs to ensure your dog is healthy, lively and immune from diseases. With the proper diet and tender loving care, your dogs will surely live a long and happy life.