Fundraising activities are generally held for the benefit of a certain cause or advocacy. And since organizations or groups holding such activities are merely asking favor from the public or its guests, there some important considerations to bring success and avoid spoiling the event.

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Helpful Tips in Organizing Fundraising Activities


Choose only dedicated and trusted volunteers


  • Most often than not, the entire event will have a workforce entirely or mainly composed of volunteers.
  • They may either come from the organization or group, or perhaps, some external volunteers.
  • When choosing individuals to take part in the event, it is really a must to screen them out and look for those who can be trusted to do their tasks even without supervision and dedicated to the same cause as the organization.
  • In fundraising events, marketing and convincing skills of the volunteers are also necessary.




Fund raising events can be initiated by anyone or any group, but not all have the expertise in transforming the event into a success. Therefore, whether the group is only new to the concept or idea of holding a fund raising activity, formulating a well organized plan and a set of activities from roll up to roll down would be very much beneficial and would ensure good results, if not total success.

Choose a public or well known venue.


  • Though fundraising events may be held in large conference rooms, specialty venues, and other private places, it always pays to use public and well known venues.
  • Aside from the ease of locating the venue, potential contributors from the public may eventually be lured or attracted to the ongoing program. This is certainly true when the fund raising event is addressed to all and for the benefit of a general or public cause.


Best Tips and Ideas for Fundraising Activities

Ensure order and security.


  • For large fund raising events, the common dilemma that organizers have in mind is the potential chaos or confusion among the attendees. Though admission tickets may help in making things a little bit more organized, contingencies will have to occur.
  • In this aspect, the creativity and ingenuity of the volunteer in charge of attendees order and security will have to come out and be used.
  • There are several alternatives that he or she can implement like the implementation of a better ticketing system like the Tyvek wrist tickets.


Make use of the social media.

Aside from the usual promotion and marketing efforts that the organization may use, a much faster, wider-scoped, and effective complementary effort is the use of the several social networking websites.

Choose the right day and start on time.

To ensure larger number of attendees, it is best to hold the event either during weekends or during holidays. Starting the program on time should also eliminate the risks and chances of some attendees walking out due to boredom or waste of time.