Wood produces superb furniture and is being used for building and construction. For wood to give longer service and emit its beauty in any way used, it needs to be well taken care of. In this case, wood varnish is used. It is a liquid finish usually used for treating wood. Wood varnish gives wood a longer life as well as a perfect glossy finish in any application.

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Wood varnish has a long history being known to have been used since the 1700s. The elements remain almost same even today albeit slight improvements.  To better understand wood varnish, you need to know what it contains. It contains the following:

  • Resins
  • Oils
  • Ultraviolet additives
  • Dryers

All these elements are mixed in measured quantities so as to give the wood its best appearance and proper protection.

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Wood Varnish Tips and Advice

Wood care takes time for it to last long; therefore, one has to apply thoughts as to what treatment should be applied to wood. Wood treatment might either be internal or external. Below are some tips on how to treat wood.

  • As much as paint works well in protecting wood, you cannot compare the long service you will get by using wood varnish no matter what wood varnish brands you use. They all work to protect wood. Paint needs to be applied in coats and need regular repainting and also calls for extra work in sanding.
  • Wood varnish colors are numerous and easily available in markets for you to choose. There are those that have richer colors while there are those that are light. All of them provide a glossy finish to any application you may be varnishing. One crucial thing to note is that wood varnish does not change the color of wood but rather it complements the existing color.
  • While using spar varnish, it is always crucial to apply a re-coat when initial coat is still in a reasonable condition so as to ensure that your wood remains protected at all times.
  • Some woods require for you to mix varnish with a thinner which you will use as a sealer as well as a finishing varnish.
  • While applying the varnish, sweep into your mixture then lift the brush up and let the excess varnish drip. Using this brush, make straight and long strokes along the grain of wood to get better results. Ensure to allow some time for coats to dry in between applications so as to get smooth finishing.
  • If you have wooden floors, take a leap today and try wood floor varnish to protect your floor and you will enjoy results.

Wood varnish application need not be a problem as the steps involved are easy. Wood varnish will not only take care of your wood but also beautifies its appearance and gives it a perfect gloss.